Work study supervisors

How to post a position

In order to participate in the work study program at PCC, you must have a Work Study Position Request approved by the Work Study Coordinator. 

Before each term, the Work Study Coordinator will review and approve any work study position requests.  You will be contacted whether or not the position is approved for the year.  Positions are approved based on the availability of work study funding.  Approved work study positions will be posted online two weeks prior to the beginning of each term that hiring will take place and will be removed when the position is filled.

Guidelines for eligible positions are as follows.  Work study can:

  • not displace a regular employee to hire a Federal Work Study (FWS) student.
  • not hire students to fill jobs that are vacant because regular employees are on strike.
  • not use FWS employment to impair existing service contracts.
  • not involve a FWS student in the construction, operation or maintenance of any facility to be used for sectarian instruction or as a place of religious worship.
  • not use a FWS student to further the political aspirations of a party, candidate or incumbent.
  • not deny work or subject a FWS student to differential treatment on the grounds of race, color, sex, religion, national origin or handicaps.

How to hire a student

After a student contacts you for an interview and you want to hire them, you need to complete the Work Study Hire form you received from the Work Study Coordinator.  You are responsible to turn this in to the Work Study Coordinator.  You are also responsible to complete a Federal I-9 Form, a Federal W-4 Form, and a Direct Deposit Form with the student. 

  • Submit the I-9 to the PCC HR office: HRIS, Downtown Center 321
  • Submit the W4 and Direct Deposit Form to the PCC Payroll office: Payroll, Downtown Center 1st Floor

Student work schedule

Students may work during the winter break and spring break if they have sufficient funds to cover earnings and have adequate supervision. Students may not work between spring and summer term. The student must also be registered for a minimum of 6 credit hours for the upcoming term.

Students may work during evenings and weekends as long as the department/organization has regular evening and/or weekend hours and the student has adequate supervision.

How to track hours

It is the responsibility of the Federal Work Study student and the supervisor to track the hours for both the term and year.  Each approved position is approved for $4500.  The number of hours is based on the pay level.  If a student does not earn all the funds awarded for a term, the funds do not carry forward into the next term. Each term's funding is considered independently.  You should track the students hours worked on an excel spreadsheet or by using our Work Study Balance Sheet.

Students may work for only one supervisor/organization at any given time.  No overtime is allowed at any time.  Any hours reported on the Time Sheet that exceed the maximums allowed will not be covered with Federal Work Study funds and will be charged 100% to the department's/organization's budget.  If the department/organization is closed for an official holiday, the student is not allowed to work during that time.

How students maintain their work study award

If a student is suspended due to lack of Satisfactory Academic Progress, the supervisor will be notified by the Work Study Coordinator and must stop working.  If a student drops below 6 credits, the supervisor will be notified by the Work Study Coordinator and must stop working. 

How to terminate a student

A work study student may be terminated due to unsatisfactory work performance.  Unsatisfactory work performance may include, but is not limited to: incompetence, violations of work rules or procedures, chronic tardiness, failure to show up for work without prior approval from the supervisor, dishonesty, use of alcohol or drugs during working hours, insubordination.  Supervisors should allow time to correct a student workers behavior and give verbal or written warning of unsatisfactory work performance prior to termination.  The Work Study Coordinator can be used as an intermediary during warnings or termination.  If the supervisor feels the need to terminate the worker they must contact the Work Study Coordinator.

How to rehire a student

In the case a student leaves your position or has been terminated, you may ask the Work Study Coordinator to repost your position.  During the reposting process the Work Study Coordinator will provide a new Work Study Hire form with the amount for available funds for the position.  The position will then be reposted and student will apply as usual.