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After you've completed Step 1: Create an account, you can start applying for jobs.

  1. Consider the kind of job you want

    Choose a job that interests you and relates to your major and career goals. This is a great time to get a first job in your field, or test drive a possible career path. Think of your work study position as a skill and resume building activity that will allow you to make valuable connections in your industry.

    For example:

    • If you are an art major, you can pursue a position in the PCC ceramics or photography labs working closely with instructors and helping other students.
    • If you love working with children and think you may want to go into teaching, you can apply for a position working in the PCC Early Childhood Education Department.
    • If you are undecided about a major, you may be interested in working in a PCC library or gaining skills as an office assistant.
  2. screenshot of career connections with work study selected under job search

    Select work study in Career Connections

    Look at available work study jobs

    To see available work study jobs, sign into Career Connections and click Job Search, then choose "Work Study" under Job Type. This will bring up a list of all available work study jobs.

    These jobs are only available to students who have been awarded work study, so be sure that work study is shown on your award letter.

  3. Apply for the job

    When you find a job that interests you, follow the Application Instructions listed in the job posting. Apply for as many jobs as you are interested in! When you hear back from the supervisor, you are ready to go on to Step 3: Arrange an Interview.

Need help?

If you need help using Career Connections, you can visit the Student Employment Service at your campus or call 971-722-5600.

If you need help choosing a career path or a major, visit one of the Career Resource Centers. The Career Centers are the place to go for help in exploring career options - they assist you in learning more about how your interests, skills and values fit within the world of work.