ACCEPT Taskforce (Addressing the Collective Climate and Experience of Part-Timers)

The Charge

  • ¬†Explore and examine issues surrounding part-timers and how the current system affects the educational experience at PCC, listing both positives and tension points
  • Categorize the issues as:
    • Issues within our control
    • Issues we might influence
    • Issues beyond our control
  • Make recommendations to the EAC based on findings

The Timeline

  • January 23, 2013: Taskforce Approved
  • End of Academic year, June 2013: Initial organization and introductory surveys accomplished
  • End of Academic Year, June 2014: Recommendations to EAC
  • Revised Timeline (1.29.2014): June 2015

Most Recent Draft of ACCEPT Report

The Survey, Redacted (2013)

The Survey, Redacted and Analyzed in Spreadsheet (2013)

Next Meeting: January 29, 2014, Wednesday after the EAC meeting (c. 5:00-7:00); CA Library 106

The working website: meetings, readings, documents, discussions - please join in!

The Members

Allie Flanary, Full-time Reference Librarian Faculty, SY, Co-chair

Tanya Pluth, Part-time Composition and Literature Faculty, CA,Co-Chair

Martha Bailey, Part-time Philosophy, Religion, CA, RC, SY; TLC Coordinator, CA

Louis Bruneau, Part-time Emergency Management; Business Administration, CA

Sylvia Gray, Full-time History Faculty, SY; EAC Chair

Kerry Pataki, Part-time Anthropology and Geography Faculty, SY

Alyson Lighthart, Division Dean of Math and Sciences, CA

Theresa Love, Faculty Department Chair, Developmental Ed, Reading/Writing, RC

Michael Street, Part-Time English Composition, RC


The Co-chairs: Allie Flanary and Tanya Pluth

Please contact us with your ideas. See working website for current activities