Portland Community College | Portland, Oregon

Registration Information

The full schedule of offerings will be available online on May 8.

Registration for this program must go through the Community Ed Office.

The registration packet will be available on May 23.

Registration will open on May 24. Please submit the completed registration packet by selecting one of the following options below:

Email to :ceteens@pcc.edu 
Fax to: 971-722-7075 
Mail to: Community Ed Summer Teen Program 
PO Box 19000 
Chon Madrigal SE ADM 304H 
Portland OR 97280. 

For any questions regarding registration, please email ceteens@pcc.edu or call 971-722-6606.

The registration packet must be submitted at least two business days before the start of class. On-site registrations will not be accepted.

Class Cancellation and Drop Information

If it is necessary to cancel your registration, please submit your cancellation request to ceteens@pcc.edu.  Please note that cancellations cannot be processed over the phone and must be received in writing in accordance to the drop policy.

If you register for a class and do not attend or stop attending or fail to personally drop within the refund period, you will be responsible for all tuition and fees. Accounts are subject to late fees if not paid on time.  Students will not be dropped for non-payment.

If you need to drop a class contact us at ceteens@pcc.edu or 971-722-6606.
Drop your course by the published drop deadline and verify the next day that the drop was processed.

Class length Drop deadline
Less than 2 weeks Prior to the first day class meets
2-7 weeks By the end of the first day class is held
8-10 weeks Six calendar days after the start of class

Payment Information

Payment is due upon receipt of registration confirmation. Students will not be dropped for non-payment.

To pay, call 971-722-6266 (option 3). The Student Account Services Office accepts Visa or MasterCard (debit or credit). You may also provide a check number. Payment can also be made online at my.pcc.edu. If this is your first time logging in, click the First Time User link for assistance. Be sure to provide the student's information (PCC ID number), not the parent or guardian's.

Behavioral Standards

We want everyone to have fun and stay safe. Because college is an adult environment, all participants must follow the guidelines outlined in the PCC Student Rights and Responsibilities. Students in the Summer Teen Program are expected to be able to work independently and in groups with minimal support from the instructor.

Student Needs

Does the student have special needs or allergies that will impact his/her participation in the program? List any relevant information that you'd like the instructor(s) to have, including supports that work well for your child in other classes on the registration form. Please be specific so that our instructors can create a learning environment that is inclusive for all.

If the student requires accommodation beyond what an instructor can provide, you may contact PCC Disability Services at 971-722-4341 a month before the class begins.

On the Disability Services website, click on the “Get Started” button, and on the next page click on the “I Take Community Education Courses” button.