Time to Project: YOU

with Community Education!
"...so I could refinish my hardwood floors."
"...so I could dance at my high school reunion with confidence."
"...so I meet other people who love art as much as I do."

Get Started

Why do you want to take a class with PCC? If you can dream it, Community Education's hundreds of classes can help you achieve it. Here's how to get started on making yourself the project for a change:

1. Dream it!
Take time to ask yourself about something you've always wanted to learn — maybe that elective you always were interested in at school but never got the chance to take? What hobbies and skills would you like to take to the next level? What kind of people have you always wanted to meet?
2. Choose a class!
Enter keywords into our search system for access to literally hundreds of classes.
3. Register! It's easy.
Call our registration office at 971-722-8888 or learn how to do it online.
4. Tell us about it!
We want to hear about your projects, big and small! Bookmark this page and use the form below to share your ideas and experiences as a result of taking Community Education classes.
My Project...

Please take a moment to tell us about your project - we'll post your comments in a future section of this website so others can learn from your bright ideas!