Portland Community College | Portland, Oregon

Driver Education


PCC's program provides teens and adults with classroom and behind-the-wheel instruction. The behind-the-wheel instruction and in-car observation are scheduled outside of the classroom times and will extend past the last day of class.

The Oregon DMV will waive the Drive Test for all teen students that successfully complete this ODOT approved Driver Education course. License will still be obtained through DMV. All other licensing requirements still apply.

  • Classes are offered throughout the year.
  • Classes are open to all teens and adults.
  • There are offerings at Portland Public High Schools, Beaverton Southridge High School, Hillsboro Glencoe High School, and PCC campuses. You need not be a student of any particular campus/school to attend.
  • Scholarships are available for students on a lunch assistance program. See Part E of the registration form for information.
  • Behind-the-wheel lessons are held on weekdays and weekends and vary in length from 2-3 hours per week.
  • Please note: For summer classes the classroom portion is 4 weeks in length and the driving portion is 6 weeks. When the class ends students will still have a minimum of 2 drives remaining to complete the program.

Course Requirements:

  • Teens must be 15-17 years old to qualify for the ODOT teen program and complete the course before their 18th birthday.
  • Must have a valid Oregon Instruction Permit to register.
  • Attendance at ALL sessions is mandatory.
  • Missed sessions must be made-up at an additional cost.
  • Mandatory parent/teen orientation is held at the first class session.
  • Must bring Oregon Instruction Permit and a photocopy of your permit to the first class.
  • Students should have a minimum of 10 hours of driving experience before beginning the class.
  • If you have previously completed an approved ODOT Driver Ed class then you are not eligible for the teen pricing and must register as an adult.

All Driver Education classes have filled for Spring 2017.

Please note: Summer 2017 schedule will be available Monday, May 8. Summer 2017 Driver Ed registration opens Wednesday, May 24.

To Register

Classes fill quickly; registrations are processed in the order received.

For classes at PCC Southeast, PCC Sylvania, PCC Willow Creek, Grant HS, Lincoln HS and Southridge HS:

  1. Download the appropriate registration form:
    • Teens age 15-17 with Oregon Instruction Permit (Summer 2017 forms available May 24)
    • Adults age 18+ with permit or license (Summer 2017 forms available May 24)
  2. Complete and submit the form by email (drive@pcc.edu), fax (971-722-6623) or mail (PCC Driver Ed, SE Campus - ADM 304, PO Box 19000, Portland OR 97280-0990).
  3. An email will be sent by PCC within 48 hours of the receipt of the registration form and will include registration status confirmation and payment instructions.

For classes at Cleveland HS, Glencoe HS and Wilson HS:

  1. Register online at the Oregon Driver Training Institute website.

Bring your Oregon Instruction Permit and a photocopy of your permit to the first class. Students should have a minimum of 10 hours driving experience before beginning the class.