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November 15, 2012 Marketing Symposium

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Achieve Market Leadership for 2013

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Presented by: CLIMB, Alpha Broadcasting and Portland Business Alliance.

Here's what attendees said about this symposium:

"Love Bing Lounge!! Great Speakers - 20 min. each - brilliant. Good topics!"
"Great! Thank you - good range of topics; timing, location, etc. terrific"
"The presentations were just the right length. Easy to stay engaged."
"All speakers were great!"
"Best use of 1 ½ hour!"
"Great program"
"Great Job CLIMB Team!!"
Thursday, November 15th 2012
7-7:30am registration, breakfast and networking
7:30am-9am program
Refreshments provided by Bridge City Catering
BING Lounge at the Pacwest Center
1210 SW 6th Ave. Portland OR 97204
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Four Pillars of Digital Marketing - Explore How They Can Drive Revenue and Reputation

Robb Crocker

Anthony Miller
Managing Director, Digital Aptitude

Executives have heard so much about how their businesses need social media that it now falls on deaf ears. Your business made it before posts, pins and retweets, so it will make it after all that, right? Maybe. However, knowing how to engage your customers online can build deeper relationships, open up new markets and build your brand. Learn what the four pillars of digital marketing are and how and when your business should build them.

The four pillars of digital marketing and the tools that drive revenue:

  • PPC - Pay Per Click
  • SEO - Search Engine Optimization
  • Web design
  • SMM - Social Media Marketing

About Anthony Miller:

By the age of 26, Anthony was the General Manager of a $30 million dollar petroleum company. He then went on to establish Stepping Stone Solutions, a sales and marketing consulting firm. Anthony traveled the world helping others achieve success in sales, marketing, leadership and motivation. He is currently the Managing Director at Digital Aptitude, an international internet marketing agency.

The Power of Story Telling Through Media – Impactful Marketing for the Online Audience

Anthony Miller

Robb Crocker
CEO, Funnelbox Production Studios

We've all have either watched or heard others talk about what they saw on YouTube, whether it be a professional corporate production or a homemade video. They can have millions of hits! Why are they so engaging? People love and remember stories they see.

Video is the currency of modern, corporate storytelling and is gaining momentum every day, everywhere and needs to be a critical part of your marketing strategy. This presentation will cover:

  • Branding with Video – Do you need it for your business?
  • How to differentiate yourself from the competition
  • Video blog, live customer testimonials and "in-use" customer shots as part of your marketing mix
About Robb Crocker:

Robb is a creative leader with nearly two decades of experience in commercial and corporate media production. His company, Funnelbox Production Studios, has been honored with dozens of international awards for a broad array of clients, including internationally-recognized brands like Nike & Wacom.

He is dedicated to cultivating a team of talent that produces captivating content while delivering a "business- like" production experience for industry leading organizations. Robb is as much a student of people and communication as he is an innovator and role model.

Cultivating Customer Connections - Inspire Repeat and Referred Business

Patrick Galvin

Patrick Galvin
CEO, Galvin Communications

Many companies invest significant financial and human resources to connect with customers via social media tools. These technologies are effective when they serve as an extension of (and not a replacement

for) the strong personal connections that you and your employees form with customers. Patrick will share his thoughts for connecting with customers in ways that will keep them coming back and referring others. Specifically, he'll discuss how to:

  • Create "wow" experiences that customers will want to repeat
  • Ask for and get referrals while strengthening existing customer relationships
  • Choose and creatively use the right social media tools to build meaningful connections
About Patrick Galvin:

Patrick Galvin speaks regularly throughout the United States, Latin America and Canada and is an expert presenter for Vistage, one of the world's largest peer-to-peer membership organizations for CEOs, business owners and executives.

In 2002, Patrick cofounded Galvin Communications, a word of mouth marketing and public relations firm in Portland, Oregon. As the firm's "chief galvanizer," he has helped increase credibility, visibility and sales for hundreds of individuals and businesses, from sole proprietorships to publicly traded companies.

For more information, contact Bonnie Starkey at bstarkey@pcc.edu.