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Skill Accelerators

What is a Skill Accelerator?

Your next business meeting

Invite the CLIMB Center’s business experts to provide a concise, dynamic training session that will increase your bottom line!

A complimentary 30 to 45-minute training session targeting a specific skill that participants can apply to their work immediately!

Skill Accelerator Topics Include:

Dealing with Stressed Out and Angry People

In today’s world people feel more stressed than ever. This stress creeps into every aspect of our lives. 80% of workers feel stress on the job and it’s common for this stress to turn to anger.

In this program you can expect to understand why people become angry and why it is not personal. Participants will be shown an easy four-step model to diffuse anger and gain confidence in their ability to handle the emotionally charge situations they face every day.

This program will enable participants to:

  • Discover why stressed out people become angry
  • Diffuse anger and disarm the upset person
  • Shield themselves from negative fall out

Listening for Results

The Art of Acknowledging Other’s Needs

It is estimated that people screen out or misunderstand the intended meaning or purpose of what they hear in over 70% of all communications. It’s easy to see how poor listening is the biggest contributing factor to miscommunication and conflict. Most professionals concentrate on the speaking half of the equation, but to foster the best and most accurate communication possible, it is crucial to enhance listening skills.

This program will enable participants to:

  • Understand the financial cost of poor listening
  • Recognize the filters that distort your message and discover how to give information in ways that reduce misunderstandings
  • Identify the negative and positive effects of body language, tone and verbal pace in your communication

Going from Good to Great

In 2001, Jim Collins captured the spirit of long-term organizational transformation in his iconic hit, Good to Great. In this interactive learning experience you will learn how you, as a business leader, company or team, can go from Good to Great. This session includes an Action Plan.

This program will enable you to:

• Become familiar with the concepts in Good to Great
• Understand the 3 stages – disciplined people, disciplined thought, disciplined action
• Apply the Good to Great principles in your business environment

Generational Mash-up

This memorable and informative program will give you insight to unlock the creative energy of Generation Y (aka: “The Trophy Kids”). Learn how to “Manage the Gifts, not the Gaps” of Gen Y and your organization will increase its productivity, results, and effectiveness. Enabling Y’s to reach their full potential will increase your bottom line today and create the leaders of tomorrow!

This program will enable participants to:

  • Understand the Generational Mashup
  • Discover why Gen Y’s differing values define who they are and how that impacts business
  • Learn how to connect with and make the most of Gen Y employees to achieve maximum results.

Create a Memorable 15-second Introduction

The first and most difficult part of selling is getting prospects to pay attention to us and our product/service. Will the prospect remember who we are the next time the need comes up? The likelihood of someone remembering your elevator speech is very slim as we receive up to 5000 messages a day, pay attention to only 6-9, and remember 1-2. In this session, you will craft your message to be the one that will be heard and remembered.

This program will enable participants to:

  • Discover the real purpose of introductions
  • Understand the reasons why people buy and why trust is so important
  • Create and practice their memorable 15-second introduction

Closing the Deal

How frustrating is it for you when you have done a great sales presentation and, at the end, your prospect says, “I’ll think about it?” You follow up and find the sale has gone cold.

As a salesperson, closing the deal should be as simple as saying, “Let’s get the paperwork started.” In this program, you will come to see that “closing” is a continuous process and not something that happens at the end.

This program will enable participants to:

  • Understand that there is a sales process and also a buyer’s process and if they aren’t in sync, there is no sale
  • Learn how to avoid closing before the prospect is ready
  • Understand there are only 4 objections and how to overcome them

Marketing and Selling to Gen Y - All 75 Million of Them!

One of the biggest challenges that businesses face is how to sell products and services to Gen Y. They are different. They think differently, act differently, and buy differently. But you can’t ignore them. There are 75 million of them in the U.S. and they spend $200 billion dollars per year!

In the New Economy, salespeople must understand Gen Y’s buying triggers in order to close more sales.

This program will enable participants to:

  • Understand the Generational Mashup
  • Discover why the values of Gen Y influence buying decisions
  • Effectively sell to this generation

What Gen Y Needs to Know to Effectively Sell to Other Generations

This fast-paced, informative, and intriguing program will give Gen Y’s the insight to engage and sell to Gen X’s and Baby Boomers. Shaping Gen Y’s creative energy into a message that is heard and responded to, is a learned skill that generates more sales for those who master it.

This program will enable Gen Y’s to:

  • Understand why their generation is so different from previous generations
  • Establish credibility despite their youthful appearance
  • Discover the buying triggers to close more sales

Know the Style You are Selling To

Sometimes it’s not your product or price that gets you the sale. Sometimes it’s simply the way you connect with people. Does it seem like a lucky accident when you instantly connect with a prospect, creating a long-term client? Wouldn’t you like to do this on a regular basis?

This program will enable you to:

  • Gain insight into your strengths and limitations as a salesperson
  • Identify your selling style and how styles influence the sales process
  • Learn how to close more sales based on buying styles of customers


  • Minimum 10 participants
  • Not suitable for brown bag events

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