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Getting Your Recipe to Market

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Marilyn Roseburrough, Kember’s Gluten Free

“The education that I received in the GYRM class was eye opening and invaluable. It gave me the information that I needed to start this business off on the right foot, as well as connecting me to resources and contacts that set the path toward profitability.” Marilyn

Roseburrough, Kember’s Gluten Free

Our food industry experts will take you step by step through the process to produce, promote, and sell your food product.

Learn food industry essentials, avoid common and costly mistakes

Our program is designed to teach you the ins and outs of the food industry. Learn about product development, food science, packaging, co-packers, grocery buyers, distribution, and more for producing and selling a safe and wholesome consumer product.

Prepare to sell your product in the commercial market

We'll cover core marketing principles for promoting a consumer food product, giving your product the best chance to succeed. Learn how to calculate costs of goods sold (COGS), conduct break-even analysis, use pricing models, and access capital, and other financial keys to creating a profitable product.

Connect with and get insight from local food professionals

In each class you'll meet our speakers and instructors who are experts working in the food industry as grocery buyers, co-packers, food scientists, packaging experts, regulators (Oregon Department of Agriculture), and more. At the end of the program, New Seasons Market buyers will evaluate your product and provide you feedback.

One-on-one advising for personal support

We're here for you as you launch your product and continue to grow your food product business. Your advisor will work with you to develop an action plan for creating your product in your confidential meetings and help you make key decisions. Our team of 25+ business experts is here to help you as your business grows.

Getting Your Recipe to Market is more than a class.

This program includes:

  • 36 hours of in-class business education with 12 weekly, 3-hour sessions where you'll meet and learn from food industry experts.
  • A product evaluation by New Seasons Market buyers.
  • Reserved space at a trade show event to showcase your product to buyers throughout the metro area.
  • Access to food business resources and templates online at FoodBizStartup.net.
  • Fee-waived for Directed Self-Study, a business planning course to get your food business off the ground and running.
  • One-on-one advising in confidential meetings.
  • Cohort learning and networking to discuss challenges and find solutions with peers.
  • Access to 25+ veteran business advisors with a wide range of backgrounds and expertise, along with our partners from the Food Innovation Center and New Seasons Market.

Are you ready to sell your recipe in the marketplace?

Learn more about Getting Your Recipe to Market and if it’s right for you. Complete the form below and a program facilitator will follow up to schedule a guided interview.

Join over 200 individuals who have completed this program since 2006.

Get your recipe commercial ready with Getting Your Recipe to Market

Having an advisor each step of the way has been awesome! Learning new business practices, and having the opportunity to implement them with direction, has helped me to continue to grow my business profitably." Betsy Walton, Our Favorite Foods LLC

Getting Your Recipe to Market helps you with key areas of developing your food product business.

You'll learn:

Operations – Produce a safe and wholesome food product including food science, using a commercial kitchen, packaging, and distribution. Distribute your product to wholesalers and retailers and take advantage of alternate sales channels. We'll also cover licensing, regulations, product liabilities, business entities and other legal topics to help you avoid trouble.

Marketing – Survey the market and conduct primary and secondary market research to ensure you're creating a product consumers are eager to buy. Use PR, media, and promotional events to get attention and increase sales. Develop a solid brand for your product allowing you to expand your business. Work with key players in the food industry who can help you market and sell your product.

Finance – Make sure your product is priced to sell and generate profit. Calculate the costs of goods sold and use pricing models to forecast business financials and help ensure your business stays in good health. Establish accounting practices to get your documents “out of the shoebox” and into an organized system.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this program for you?

Clients who get the most out of this program are:

  • Individuals looking to take their food idea to the commercial marketplace who are not already selling their product commercially. This 14-week program is designed to save you years in developing a profitable food product.
  • Eager to learn. You don't know what you don't know, but you're open-minded and ready to try new things.
  • Looking for step-by-step help towards growth. We want your product to sell and succeed. If you don't know where to start, we'll help create, market, and sell your food product.

You may not be a good fit if you:

  • Are already selling your food product in the commercial marketplace.
  • Want someone to do the work for you. We're here to help in building your business, but it's up to you to do the work.
  • Are comfortable in your business and are not looking for change.

I'm very busy. Will this program be worth my time?

Starting a food product business is complex. Your time and financial investment in the program will pay for itself and save you money by helping you avoid common mistakes.

Do I have to start with a certain program or take prerequisites?

No. Our programs do not need to be taken in any sequence. We'll help you decide which program is best for you to start with and work with you to decide which programs to take next based on your personal needs.

Will I earn college credit or a degree for completing Getting Your Recipe to Market?

Our programs do not provide credit towards a degree. However, we believe the education you get by completing our programs while working on your own business can provide a comparable or even a better experience than earning a degree.

How much does Getting Your Recipe to Market cost?

For the 14 week, 12-session program plus up to 20 hours of one-on-one advising, tuition for Getting Your Recipe to Market is $1,995. Our clients appreciate this great value of 56 hours of instruction and advising for about $35 per hour, compared to food business specialists and other business coaching services which can cost $100+ per hour. Payment plans are available through PCC.

How do I get started?

If Getting Your Recipe to Market sounds like a good fit for you, please complete this interest form and a program facilitator will contact you to learn more about your business. If you’re unsure about this program or want to learn more about the Portland Community College Small Business Development Center, we invite you to attend our New Client Orientation. At orientation, you will learn more about all of our program and services and be pointed in the right direction. Reserve your seat at an upcoming orientation by going to our Bizcenter.org website and clicking on the Orientation tab.

The Portland Community College Small Business Development Center has helped thousands of businesses over the past 30 years. We combine one-on-one advising with programs taught by business experts to give our clients the resources they need to grow their businesses. In 2013 we worked with over 650 small business owners, trained over 2,000 clients in a wide range of courses, and celebrated many successes.

We'd love to celebrate your success. Get started today by filling out the interest form.