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GROWING Your Business

GROWING Your Business

Innovative programs for established businesses are designed to help you achieve your business goals through improved management, organization and operation skills. Through class work, one-on-one long- term advising, and peer mentorship you will learn how to develop, maintain, and use effective marketing and management tools, how to implement a plan for sound growth and expansion, and how to understand and use your financial data. Contact us at sbdc@pcc.edu prior to enrolling for a program application.

Which program is right for you?

Small Business Builders

You won't find a better value anywhere! 50 hours of expert business instruction and one-on-one consulting for under $25/hour. An opportunity unbeatable in to days business education market. Pre-requisite: 1+ years in business, program application

This 10 month program is designed specifically for business owners who: (1) Want to take their business to the next level, (2) Want to know more about marketing, planning, finances and profitability, and (3) Want satisfied, repeat customers and a better return on investment for their time and money.

Attendees participate in a monthly 3-hour workshop that covers critical business topics that will enhance their entrepreneurial skills. Each entrepreneur receives 2 hours of consultation, specific to their business' needs and issues every month!

Space is limited. Learn more about Small Business Builders »

Small Business Management

This program is designed for the entrepreneur who has been in business for three to five years, has hired employees and needs to develop their management and leadership skills. The program provides both classroom/peer support and one-on-one counseling customized to specific business situations and needs. Learn more about Small Business Management »

Retail Business Builders

This program is designed for the retailer who has been in business for at least a year, finds themselves working harder than ever and not getting ahead the way they want. The program provides both classroom/peer support and one-on- one counseling customized to specific business situations and needs. The retail industry is undergoing dramatic changes as a result of the internet and the recession. Retail has not recovered as we all hoped it would. However, there are some things you can do and skills you can gain that can help you adapt to and succeed in the new reality of retail! Learn more about Retail Business Builders »

Retail Small Business Management

Working harder than ever in your retail business, but still not selling enough? Want to know what will keep customers coming in and coming back? Need help fine-tuning your marketing, inventory management, and hiring systems? Selling doesn’t have to be so hard. Make a lasting impression on your customer with a stellar marketing plan, outstanding employees, and your irresistibly unique brand. Draw from the expertise of others, so you can work smarter and maximize your profit with sales strategies that have been proven to work. Our 10-session program teaches the best practices you need to operate an efficient, prosperous store, saving you years of frustration and experimentation. Learn more »

ACEs Small Business Management

The ACEs Small Business Management Program is a nine-month course that places business owners in a cohort learning environment, where they benefit from peer-to-peer interaction, ongoing business advising and high levels of accountability. Funding for this program is made in-part by the US Small Business Administration and candidates must apply to the program prior to enrollment. Learn more about ACEs Small Business Management and download the application.

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