Portland Community College | Portland, Oregon

Tracy Bartholomew

Tracy Bartholomew

After 15 years, Tracy Bartholomew knows the ins and outs of the construction industry. However, she needed a little help with the software application InDesign.

"Part of marketing in the construction industry is responding to RFPSs (requests for proposals)," said Bartholomew. "I was self taught in InDesign for two or three years. In the position I currently hold, I found I really needed to learn more about it."

Having spent her first two years of college at PCC, Bartholomew knew exactly where to turn. One of the things she liked best about the InDesign class she took at PCC's CLIMB Center for Advancement was the expertise of her instructor.

"Not only was there a great textbook he was following and going through, but he had so many little tips and tricks that he knew just from his experience, which to me personalizes it a lot more," she said.

In the end, Bartholomew finished level one and went on with the rest of her CLIMB classmates to fill a level two class. She took what she learned back to her company and trained others who can use the skills on the job. As for Bartholomew, she's already looking for her next CLIMB class, so she can keep learning and taking on more at work.

"Go through CLIMB," she advises others seeking professional development, "You have so many options. There's always something you can learn."