Portland Community College | Portland, Oregon


In 2009, SolarWorld contacted the CLIMB Center for Advancement during a "ramp up" phase of their 480,000-square-foot production plant in Hillsboro.  They were behind schedule with their technical documentation training and ended up getting a little boost from the folks at CLIMB. "It's one thing that we had slipped a little bit behind on, so [CLIMB] helped us get back up to speed to ensure our new employees were able to learn how to use our equipment effectively," said Training Manager Jennifer Ryan. 

SolarWorld has also partnered with CLIMB to offer peer training to employees, allowing people on the floor to "buddy up" with new employees for training. "This then allowed the engineers and some of the supervisors to use their time to actually do their day jobs," said Ryan, "so we were more effectively leveraging our resources internally." She added, "We certainly plan on leveraging CLIMB in the future to continue that success."