Portland Community College | Portland, Oregon

Northwest Evaluation Association

Toni Jaffe, N.W.E.A

Northwest Evaluation Association (NWEA), an educational services nonprofit, began shopping around for a training program after staff feedback indicated that the number-one request was management development. 

"We had a lot of individual contributors who were very good in their professional or technical areas," said Director of Human Resources Toni Jaffe, "but didn’t have functional management skills or development."

After a comprehensive review period, NWEA contracted with CLIMB for an 18-month management development program that is administered to groups of 20 organizational leaders at a time.

"We were really impressed with the ability of CLIMB to customize their programs to fit our needs," said Jaffe. The results, she said, have been increased confidence of managers, improved consistency of processes and heightened employee satisfaction and engagement.

NWEA isn’t the only one benefiting. Added Jaffe, "CLIMB's programs offer us the opportunity to be strong and vibrant as an organization so we’re stimulating economic growth and we’re developing leaders of the future."