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Nutritional Therapy: Online

Online course series

There are a total of fourteen required interactive online courses. Biochemical Foundations/Nutrients (CEU 9399) and Nutrition: Anatomy & Physiology (CEU 3143) are offered in alternating terms giving students two opportunities each year to complete these courses. Students interact with their instructor online for lecture once per week.

The remaining twelve courses each have four weeks devoted to a specific topic. Students attend a weekly, two-hour, interactive lecture online with the respective instructor. Students have the opportunity to receive additional support during weekly office hours facilitated by the instructor of that topic area. Students are assessed through an exam at the end of each month, which covers the reading material and lectures, and a brief paper due shortly after each topic month concludes.

Classes are designed so that participants can enter this series of study during any term. While designed as a term course, each four-week offering can be taken individually. The year-long calendar can be accessed in the Upcoming Schedule tab below.

Online courses require that students have basic to intermediate computer savvy, and are skilled in personal discipline, task organization and time management. Students should expect to invest a minimum of 2-3 hours of study time for every hour of lecture in order to be successful in this course. High-speed internet access (DSL, cable modem, or satellite) is required in order to meet online learning technical requirements. Students are also required to have a headset with microphone.