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Phlebotomy – Entry Level

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What Is It?

Phlebotomy at the Institute for Health Professionals is delivered in two consecutive terms.  There is a very specific application process with selected applicants invited to interview.

This two-term course provides knowledge and experience to work as a phlebotomist and to qualify to take the American Society of Clinical Pathology certification exam.   

Term one is a 90-hour course consisting of both classroom and lab work. Studies include blood collecting, handling, transporting, and processing blood specimens along with an introduction to laboratory information systems, anatomy, physiology of pertinent body systems, pathologic conditions, lab equipment use/care, safety precautions, HIPAA, and monitoring quality control.

Term two consists of a 100-hour clinical rotation in a hospital or clinic setting where the student must complete a minimum of 100 successful, supervised blood draws. Students perform blood draws and assist in performing routine clinical laboratory tests under the supervision of a pathologist, medical technologist or physician. Once a student successfully completes their clinical rotation, they are prepared and eligible for the national certification exam through the American Society for Clinical Pathologists. Holding the national certificate greatly enhances employability in the field.

Be aware that the hospital where you are placed for your clinical practicum may require a drug screen test for which you are financially responsible. Also, there are situations where the hospital may require a more thorough background check in addition to the one PCC requires. This potential cost will be the student's responsibility, as well.


$2,998, including supplies but not books. Tuition is due at the time of registration. If necessary, students may set up a payment plan with the PCC Business Office. For Information regarding payment plans, please visit PCC Payment Plans. Or, call their office at 971-722-8888, option #2.

Is It Right for You?

The phlebotomy course is a two term, intensive course that includes training in the skills, knowledge, and abilities critical for a career as a phlebotomist in a health clinic or medical center. Listed below are prerequisites and requirements that students should carefully consider before applying.

How do I Apply?

  1. If you are not a PCC student, you must create an account to get a "G" number (identifying number) along with getting a PCC email account. To do this, go to non-credit-registration and choose the "Create an Account tab."
  2. For fall term 2017, mail or deliver a complete Application Packet by August 31. Interested students are encouraged to attend the Phlebotomy Free Informational Session scheduled for 6pm on Monday, June 26 at the CLIMB center for Advancement, 1626 SE Water Ave. Portland, OR 97214.
  3. Selected applicants will be invited to interview.

*Following the interview process, tentatively accepted students will be notified. After notification, you must complete and submit a background check within 7 days to receive final approval and admission into the course. Instructions for how to obtain a background check will be provided. Approximate cost to student is $68.