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Pharmacy Technician

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A pharmacy technician works under a pharmacist's direction in retail pharmacies, hospitals, long-term care facilities, pharmaceutical companies and other health care facilities. They fill orders for patients, manage third party insurance reimbursements and complete an array of other related tasks. The Institute for Health Professionals Pharmacy Technician Program is a two part course totaling 160 hours and combines online learning with onsite lab practicums.

Term I, participants will learn about the practice of pharmacy, pharmacy law, regulations and standards as related to technicians from a practical and administrative perspective. Student’s learning will prepare them for the certification requirements and knowledge domain areas covered by the Pharmacy Technician Certification Exam (PTCE.).

Participants will learn basic pharmacology, therapeutic drug classes, body systems, common conditions, diseases and related medical terminology. Further, generic/brand drug names, look alike-sound alike medications, common dosage forms and routes of administration will be covered. Use of drug references and information systems are incorporated. Participants will begin basic to advanced pharmacy measurements, abbreviations and calculations. Lessons will be supported by weekly onsite lab activities.

Term II, (PREREQ: Term I, Pharmacy Tech CEU 941Q) Participants will continue basic to advanced pharmacy measurements, abbreviations and calculations as well as pharmacology. Students will learn to read and identify components of medication labels, read written and electronic prescriptions, and be able to identify DEA numbers in addition to processing and handling of medications and medication orders.

Sterile and non-sterile compounding, sterile preparation, and Aseptic technique are incorporated. Pharmacy technology will be explored to include Inventory management, ordering systems, billing and electronic health-records systems. The importance of patient safety, medication safety, and quality assurance are discussed. Workplace interactions, professionalism and other soft-skills are incorporated as well. Online lessons are supported by weekly onsite lab activities. Comprehensive review of topics and test-taking strategies will prepare students to sit for the PTCB exam.

Is it right for you?

Students who have an understanding of basic algebraic principles for solving word problems using equations and who have completed some basic sciences would be most suited for this course. The program will prepare students to enter the pharmacy field and to take the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board's (PTCB) exam.


1. If you are not a PCC student, you must create an account to get a "G" number (identifying number) along with getting a PCC email account. To do this, go to non-credit-registration and choose the "Create an Account tab."

2. For Spring 2017, mail or deliver a complete Application Packet by March 17th. Interested students are encouraged to attend the Pharmacy Technician Free Information Session scheduled for 6pm on Feb. 16th at the CLIMB center for Advancement, 1626 SE Water Ave. Portland, OR 97214.


$3140.00 excluding books. Tuition is due at the time of registration.  If necessary, students may set up a payment plan with the PCC Business Office. For Information regarding payment plans, please visit PCC Payment Plans. Or, call their office at 971-722-8888, option #2.