CCOG Courses in Music

Course Number Course Title
MUS 101 Introduction to Music
MUS 105 Music Appreciation
MUS 106 Opera Appreciation
MUS 108 Music Cultures of the World
MUS 110 Fundamentals of Music
MUS 111 Music Theory I (part one)
MUS 111C Sight Singing/Ear Training I
MUS 112 Music Theory I (part two)
MUS 112C Sight Singing/Ear Training II
MUS 113 Music Theory I (part three)
MUS 113C Sight Singing/Ear Training III
MUS 125 Guitar Clinic
MUS 131 Group Vocal
MUS 153A Musical Theatre Vocal
MUS 153B Musical Theatre Vocal
MUS 153C Musical Theatre Vocal
MUS 158A Chamber Ensemble
MUS 158B Chamber Ensemble
MUS 158C Chamber Ensemble
MUS 158D Chamber Ensemble
MUS 158E Chamber Ensemble
MUS 158F Chamber Ensemble
MUS 170 Music and Computers
MUS 190 Introduction to Piano
MUS 191 Class Guitar I
MUS 191P Class Piano I
MUS 192 Class Guitar II
MUS 192P Class Piano II
MUS 193 Class Guitar III
MUS 193P Class Piano III
MUS 195A Symphonic Band
MUS 195B Symphonic Band
MUS 195C Symphonic Band
MUS 195D Symphonic Band
MUS 195E Symphonic Band
MUS 195F Symphonic Band
MUS 201 Intro to Music and Its Lit
MUS 202 Intro to Music & Its Lit
MUS 203 Intro to Music & Its Lit
MUS 204 Music of the Western World
MUS 205 Introduction to Jazz History
MUS 206 Intro to History of Rock Music
MUS 207 Intro to History of Folk Music
MUS 208 African-American Music
MUS 209 African-American Music
MUS 210 African-American Music
MUS 211A Music Theory II
MUS 211B Music Theo II: Keybrd Harmony
MUS 212A Music Theory II
MUS 212B Music Theo II: Keybrd Harmony
MUS 213A Music Theory II
MUS 213B Music Theo II: Keybrd Harmony
MUS 214 Music of Broadway
MUS 220A Chorus
MUS 220B Chorus
MUS 220C Chorus
MUS 220D Chorus
MUS 220E Chorus
MUS 220F Chorus
MUS 221 Chorus: Chamber Choir
MUS 221A Chamber Chorus
MUS 221B Chamber Chorus
MUS 221C Chamber Chorus
MUS 221D Chamber Chorus
MUS 221E Chamber Chorus
MUS 221F Chamber Chorus
MUS 236 Introduction to the Music of Latin America
MUS 240A Music Composition
MUS 240B Music Composition
MUS 240C Music Composition