CCOG Courses in Professional Music

Course Number Course Title
MUC 101 Commercial Music Theory I
MUC 102 Commercial Music Theory II
MUC 103 Commercial Music Theory III
MUC 120A Sight Singing/Ear Training I
MUC 120B Sight Singing/Ear Training II
MUC 120C Sight Singing/Ear Training III
MUC 123 Electronic Media I
MUC 124 Electronic Media II
MUC 125 Electronic Media III
MUC 126A Computer Notation and Scoring 1
MUC 126B Computer Notation and Scoring 2
MUC 130A Rhythm Training I
MUC 130B Rhythm Training II
MUC 130C Rhythm Training III
MUC 140A Group Piano I
MUC 140B Group Piano II
MUC 143 Group Percussion
MUC 144 Contemporary Singing
MUC 144B Contemporary Singing II
MUC 145A Group Guitar/Bass I
MUC 145B Group Guitar/Bass II
MUC 145C Group Guitar/Bass III
MUC 150A Keyboard Harmony I
MUC 150B Keyboard Harmony II
MUC 150C Keyboard Harmony III
MUC 152A Contemporary Arranging:
MUC 152B Contemporary Arranging:
MUC 152C Contemporary Arranging:
MUC 154A Band Performance Workshop I
MUC 154B Band Performance Workshop II
MUC 154C Band Performance Workshop III
MUC 155 Introduction to Improvisation
MUC 155A Improvisation I
MUC 155B Improvisation II
MUC 155C Improvisation III
MUC 164 Survey of the Music Industry
MUC 165 Business for the Musician
MUC 166 Songwriting & Music Publishing
MUC 167 The Music Business
MUC 222 Intro Recording Technologies
MUC 223 Studio Recording Technology I
MUC 224 Studio Recording Technology II
MUC 225 Studio Recording Tech III
MUC 226 Digital Recording 1
MUC 227 Digital Recording 2
MUC 228 Digital Recording 3
MUC 234 Income Tax Prep for Musicians
MUC 280A CE: Vocational Music