Portland Community College | Portland, Oregon

Course Number Course Title
MM 110 Introduction to Multimedia
MM 120 Multimedia Design
MM 121 Intro to Game Art Development
MM 130 Multimedia Graphic Video and Audio Production
MM 140 Multimedia Authoring I
MM 141 Incorporating Multimedia Elements in Presentation Software
MM 142 Introduction to Augmented Reality
MM 146 Directing Actors for Recording
MM 150 Multimedia Project Review, Testing and Delivery
MM 160 Marketing Yourself as a Multimedia Professional
MM 210 Audio Technician I – Intro
MM 211 Audio Technician II - Multitrack/Post
MM 212 Audio Technician III - Project Management
MM 213 Audio Technician IV - Capstone Project
MM 220 Multimedia Design II
MM 221 Game Level Design
MM 225 Game Art Pipeline
MM 230 Graphics for Multimedia
MM 231 Vector Graphics & Animation for the World Wide Web
MM 232 Multimedia 3D Modeling and Animation
MM 233 3D Character Modeling and Animation
MM 234 3D for Interactivity
MM 235 Digital Video Editing and Production
MM 236 Video Compression and Streaming on the Internet
MM 237 Video Compositing and Effects
MM 238 Creating Professional DVD-Video
MM 239 Digital Video Edit/Post Production II
MM 240 Multimedia Authoring II-Scripting
MM 241 Multimedia Authoring III - Scripting
MM 244 Creating Interactive Web Pages
MM 245 Internet Delivery Methods
MM 246 Post-Production Sound for Video
MM 247 Field Sound for Video
MM 250 Advanced Multimedia Project Development I
MM 251 Advanced Multimedia Project Development II
MM 252 Advanced Multimedia Project Development III
MM 253 Intermediate Modeling and Texturing
MM 254 Character Rigging and Animation
MM 255 3D Lighting and Texturing
MM 256 Graphics for Multimedia II
MM 258 Video Compositing and Editing II
MM 259 Screenwriting/Preproduction
MM 260 Video Production I
MM 261 Video Production II
MM 262 Video Production III
MM 263 Cinematography/Lighting
MM 264 Broadcast I
MM 265 Broadcast II
MM 266 Post-Production: Color Correction
MM 267 Special Effects I- Green Screen
MM 270 Writing for Multimedia
MM 280 Cooperative Work Experience in Multimedia