CCOG Courses in Fire Protection

Course Number Course Title
FP 101 Principles of Emergency Services
FP 111 Fire Academy Part 1
FP 112 Fire Academy Part 2
FP 113 Firefighting Skills III
FP 121 Fire Behavior and Combustion
FP 122 Fundamentals of Fire Prevention
FP 123 Haz Mat Awareness/Operations
FP 130 Fire Pro Hydraulics & Water Su
FP 131 Introduction to High Angle Rescue
FP 132 Fire App/Pump Construction Operation and Hydraulics
FP 133 Wildland Firefighter
FP 137 Fire Protection Systems
FP 141 Introduction Water Rescue
FP 151 Aircraft Crash and Rescue Basics
FP 152 Emergency Response to Terrorism
FP 161 Vehicle Extrication
FP 166 Bldg Const for Fire Protection
FP 170 Intro to Tactics & Strategy
FP 200 Fire Service Hydraulics & Water Supply
FP 201 Intro to Emerg Service Rescue
FP 207 Fire Service Based EMS
FP 210 Multicultural Strat for FF
FP 212 Fire Investigation (Cause Determination)
FP 213 Principles of Supervision for Firefighters
FP 214 Occ. Safety & Health for Fire
FP 215 Urban Interface Fire Operations
FP 225 Fire Dept Customer Service
FP 231 Aircraft Crash Rescue Practices
FP 232 Fire App Driver/Operator II
FP 233 Aerial Ladder Operations for Firefighters
FP 240 Emergency Serv Instructor I
FP 242 Hazardous Materials Chemistry
FP 250 Emergency Serv Instructor II
FP 270 Fire Officer I
FP 271 Fire Officer II
FP 273 Fire Serv Human Resource Mgt.
FP 274 Intro to Fire & Emergency Admi
FP 275 Community & Govern. Relations
FP 280A Cooperative Education: Fire Science
FP 280B Cooperative Education: Fire Science - Seminar
FP 283 Public Sector Employment Workshop (Fire)
FP 289 Emer Serv Lifetime Fit & Cond.
FP 291 Fire Codes and Related Ordinances
FP 295 Major Emergency Tac/Strat
FP 9010 Fire Management Practices
FP 9030 Planning Fire Protection
FP 9040 Managing Fire Personnel
FP 9060 Fire Science II Chemistry
FP 9080 Fire Fighting Safety & Survival for Company Officers
FP 9110 Fire Inspection Practices
FP 9130 Hazardous Materials Inspection
FP 9210 Arson Law, Evidence, Motives
FP 9250 Advanced Fire and Arson Investigation