Portland Community College | Portland, Oregon

Course Number Course Title
CIS 120 Computer Concepts I
CIS 121 Computer Concepts II
CIS 122 Introduction to Programming Logic
CIS 125D Database Application Development I
CIS 133B Introduction to Visual Basic.NET Programming
CIS 133J Java Programming I
CIS 133N Introduction to Programming Using C#.NET
CIS 133W JavaScript for Web Developers
CIS 135A Application Development with Agile/Scrum
CIS 135M Mobile Application Programming for Android
CIS 135T XML and HL7
CIS 140M Operating Systems I: Microsoft
CIS 140S Perl Script Programming
CIS 145 Microcomputer Hardware and Troubleshooting
CIS 178 Applied Internet Concepts
CIS 179 Data Communication Concepts I
CIS 187I Web Technical Administration
CIS 188 Introduction to Wireless Networking
CIS 189 Wireless Security
CIS 195P PHP Web Development I
CIS 225 End User Support
CIS 233B Intermediate Visual Basic.NET Programming
CIS 233J Java Programming II
CIS 233N Intermediate C#.NET Programming
CIS 233S Internet Web Page Scripting
CIS 233W JavaScript for Web Developers II
CIS 234A Real-World Programming
CIS 234B Advanced Visual Basic.NET Programming
CIS 234J Java Programming III
CIS 234N C# Programming
CIS 234S Web Application Development Using.NET
CIS 235W Introduction to Web Analytics
CIS 240L Linux Installation and Configuration
CIS 240M Managing a Windows Server Environment
CIS 243 E-ssentials of E-Commerce Information Systems
CIS 244 Systems Analysis
CIS 245 Project Management - Information Systems
CIS 246 Structured Systems Design
CIS 275 Data Modeling and SQL Introduction
CIS 276 Advanced SQL
CIS 277D Database Security
CIS 277H Health Informatics Environment Simulation
CIS 277O Advanced Database Concepts in Oracle
CIS 277T Web Business Intelligence Application Development
CIS 278 Data Communication Concepts II
CIS 279L Linux Network Administration
CIS 280D Cooperative Education: Application Development
CIS 284 Network Security
CIS 285 Security Tools
CIS 286 Computer Forensics
CIS 287I Web Server Administration
CIS 287M Microsoft Server Security
CIS 287X Microsoft Exchange Management
CIS 288M Microsoft Network Administration
CIS 289M Microsoft Active Directory Administration
CIS 295P PHP Web Development II