CCOG Courses in Building Construction Tech

Course Number Course Title
BCT 100 Overview of Construction
BCT 101 Prin of Construction Surveying
BCT 102 Residential Printreading
BCT 103 Residential Materials/Methods
BCT 104 Construction Math
BCT 105 Vectorworks f/Constructors
BCT 106 Hand Tool/Power Tool Use & Saf
BCT 115 Intro to Res. Greenroofing
BCT 116 Alternative Building Design
BCT 120 Floor Framing
BCT 121 Wall Framing
BCT 122 Roof Framing I
BCT 123 Roof Framing II
BCT 127 Residential Concrete
BCT 128 Exterior Finish
BCT 129 Mechanical Plan Kitchen & Bath
BCT 130 Construction Safety
BCT 132 Computer App for Construction
BCT 133 Commercial Materials & Methods
BCT 134 Construction Scheduling
BCT 150 Mech, Elec and Plumb
BCT 202C Bus. Principles for Constructi
BCT 202D Bus. Princ. for Design/Build
BCT 203 Interior Finish
BCT 204B Const. Estimating-Residential
BCT 204C Const. Estimating-Commercial
BCT 206 Sustainable Const. Practices
BCT 207 Construction Job Costing
BCT 209 VectorWorks for Contractors II
BCT 211 Remodeling
BCT 213 Commercial Printreading
BCT 214 Adv Construction Estimating
BCT 216 Cabinetry I
BCT 217 Cabinetry II
BCT 218 Woodworking Projects
BCT 219 Cabinetmaking I
BCT 220 Cabinetmaking II
BCT 221 Construction Law f/Contractor
BCT 222 Engineering for Constructors
BCT 223 Finished Stair Construction
BCT 225 Construct Project Management
BCT 226 Finish Carpentry
BCT 229 Intro to Kitchens and Baths
BCT 244 Kitchen & Bath Cabinet Install
BCT 280A CE: Building Construction
BCT 280C CE-BCT Design/Build Remodeling