CCOG Courses in Business Administration

Course Number Course Title
BA 98 Business Admin:Skills & Issues
BA 101 Introduction to Business
BA 111 Introduction to Accounting
BA 113 Business Credit Principles
BA 114 Financial Survival
BA 131 Intro to Business Technology
BA 141 Intro to International Bus Law
BA 177 Payroll Accounting
BA 203 Intro to International Bus
BA 205 Business Communication
BA 206 Management Fundamentals
BA 207 Introduction to E-Commerce
BA 208 Intro to Nonprofits & Philan.
BA 209 Introduction to Grant Writing
BA 210 Adv Acctg Spsht App
BA 211 Principles of Accounting I
BA 212 Principles of Accounting II
BA 213 Managerial Accounting
BA 215 Basic Cost Accounting
BA 218 Personal Finance
BA 222 Financial Management
BA 223 Principles of Marketing
BA 224 Human Resource Management
BA 226 Business Law I
BA 227 Business Law II
BA 228 Comp Accounting Applications
BA 234 International Marketing
BA 235 Social Media Marketing
BA 237 Fundamentals of Import/Export
BA 238 Sales
BA 239 Advertising
BA 240 Nonprofit Fin. Mngmt. & Acctg.
BA 242 Introduction to Investments
BA 244 Intro to Records Management
BA 249 Prin/Retailing & E-tailing
BA 250 Small Business Management
BA 251 Office Management
BA 255 Project Management -Bus Enviro
BA 256 Income Tax
BA 270 Global Business Management
BA 277 Bus. Practices and Cont Issues
BA 280A CE: Business Experience
BA 280B CE: Bus Experience - Sem
BA 285 Human Relations-Organizations
BA 9235 Fin Statement Analysis I
BA 9703 Income Tax Preparation: Basic
BA 9706 Income Tax Preparation: Adv