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WLD 142
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Flux-Cored Arc Welding II (Self Shielding)
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Course Description

Develops knowledge and manipulative skills in the self-shielding arc welding process in the flat, vertical, horizontal and overhead positions. Department permission required. Audit available.

Intended Outcomes for the course

Upon successful completion of this course, the student will have satisfactorily accomplished the goals and objectives listed in this Course Content Guide. The Course Content Guides are developed by College Wide Subject Area Faculty and approved by Management.

Course Activities and Design

This is a competency-based course utilizing a lecture/lab format. This course includes classroom discussions, videotapes, and lab demonstrations covering technical skills. Course competencies will include the following: theoretical concepts, layout, fabrication, welding, oxyfuel cutting, safety and environmental awareness, communication, applied Math and Science and human relations.

The student will fabricate and weld projects in the shop. Discussions and demonstrations with the Instructor will aid the student in acquiring knowledge and skills in Self-Shielding Flux-Cored Welding procedures and in the interpreting as well as executing instructions, both visual and written.

Outcome Assessment Strategies

At the beginning of the course, the course syllabus will identify the methods used to evaluate student progress and the criteria for assigning a course grade. The student will be evaluated on his/her ability to demonstrate the development of course competencies. The methods of evaluation may include one or more of the following: oral or written examinations, quizzes, written assignments, welding tests, safe work habits, task performance, and work relations.

The student will be evaluated on his\her ability to complete the projects to the standards of the welding industry.

Course Content (Themes, Concepts, Issues and Skills)


Students will understand and practice personal safety

  • Understand the importance of personal health and fitness

  • Use proper protective gear

  • Understand situation awareness

  • Use correct manual lifting techniques

Students will understand and practice tool safety

  • Use hand tools safely

  • Use power tools safely

Students will understand and practice equipment safety

  • Demonstrate safety procedures required in the use of welding machines and cutting systems.

Students will understand and maintain a safe work area.

  • Maintain a clean and clutter-free floor

  • Understand the importance of adequate lighting

  • Recognize objects that might fall

  • Recognize and report dangerous electrical and air/gas hose connections

  • Understand the importance of space management in regards to safety

  • Understand and practice fire prevention

Students will understand aspects of the welding industry that effect the environment (environmental awareness)

  • Identify hazardous materials

  • Identify the purpose of a Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) and where MSDS sheets are kept.

  • Understand the effects of hazardous materials and welding fumes on the atmosphere

  • Understand correct procedures when working in or around containers or vessels

Instructional Goals:The goal is to develop knowledge and skills in the principles of the Self-Shielding Flux-Cored Arc Welding process.

  • Use the proper terminology

  • Define all terms commonly used in this process

Use the following variables to achieve desired results:

  • Welding voltage

  • Welding current

  • Travel rate

  • Gun angle

  • Contact

  • Tip-to-work distance

Demonstrate the proper use of the following welding equipment:

  • Power source

  • Electrode speed control

  • Wire conduit

Welding Specifications
Utilize the following to meet welding specifications:

  • Written specifications

  • Welded profiles

  • Techniques and schematics

Instructional Goals:The goal is to develop knowledge and skills in the operation and maintenance procedures of Self-Shielding Flux-Cored Arc Welding.

  • Use appropriate procedures for start-up, operation, and shut down of equipment.

  • Remove and replace a wire spool.

Instructional Goal:The goal is to develop knowledge and skills in Self-Shielded Flux-Cored Arc Welding
Welding Positions
Given a schematic diagram with welding directions, perform Self-Shielded Flux-Cored Arc Welding in the following positions.

  • Flat

  • Horizontal

  • Vertical

  • Overhead

Student will develop team-work skills

  • Work constructively in teams

  • Share equal responsibilities and duties within a team

  • Develop team tactics in problem solving

Student will learn how to interact with co-workers in compliance with the norms set by industry

  • Work constructively with a partner and exhibit cooperation and allow for full participation

  • Resolve conflicts that may arise in a professional manner

Students will learn how to interact with supervisors in compliance with the norms set by industry

  • Follow the instructor's directions in a positive manner

  • Relay relative information back to instructor for further direction

Student will utilize time productively (Time Management)

  • Track training time on time cards

  • Complete a task within a given amount of time

  • Allocate time to complete all assignments

  • Be prepared for class

  • Be personally responsible for attendance

Student will maintain clean and orderly workstations and shop area

  • Keep assigned station clean and clutter free

  • Participate in general shop clean-up

  • Inspect classroom and lab area for cleanliness

  • Keep tools and equipment clean

Student will demonstrate pride in workmanship (Professionalism)

  • Perform projects in accordance to industry specifications and procedures

  • Use all tools and equipment correctly

  • Use the proper cleaning procedures


Student will understand cultural, social, ethnic, age, and gender differences among individuals and learn how to interpret communication
Student will identify his/her learning styles

  • Understand personal learning style

  • Utilize learning techniques in which he/she can learn best

  • Lecture

  • Reading

  • Video

  • "Hands on" demonstration

Student will learn the resources that can be utilized in finding employment

  • Learn to network (Word of mouth)

  • Identify publications that have job opportunities

  • Identify employers in the community

  • Identify employment agencies, public and private

Student will develop a working knowledge of the vocabulary used in the welding industry

  • Demonstrate spelling skills with emphasis on the industry vocabulary

  • Use correct vocabulary terms

Student will develop technical writing skills

  • Prepare technical reports

Student will develop verbal communication skills

  • Participate in classroom discussions

  • Explain the function of a welding machine

  • Formulate questions

Apply math and science concepts to the welding related process

  • Measuring with fractions

  • Reducing common fractions

  • Expressing common fractions in higher terms

  • Ability to read a tape measure


  • SMAW with E7024 Electrode

  • As-Deposited Composition of E7024

  • Mechanical Properties of E7024

  • Operating Range for E7024

  • Fluxes for E7024 Electrode

  • Impact Toughness of E7024 Weld Metal

  • Arc Stability and Slag Removal

  • Arc Length for E7024

  • Possibility of Hydrogen-Assisted Cracking with E7024

  • Significance of the Volt-Ampere Curve for SMAW with E7024

  • Iron Powder Addition to E7024

  • Duty Cycle Calculation