Course Content and Outcome Guide for SOC 280A

Course Number:
SOC 280A
Course Title:
Cooperative Education: Sociology
Credit Hours:
Lecture Hours:
Lecture/Lab Hours:
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Special Fee:

Course Description

Extend knowledge of sociology through work and/or volunteer time spent in settings that provide learning experiences. Instructor permission required.

Addendum to Course Description

Credits from this course of study do not qualify for general education purposes
at Portland Community College, but may be applied as electives towards
satisfying Associate Degrees at Portland Community College.
Course with three digit numbers may be transferable to four-year colleges and
universities. Students should consult with other institutions regarding
transferability of cooperative education or internship credit and the application
of these credits as electives to other institutions.
While written materials are often not required for cooperative education
experiences, such materials may be required at the discretion of the instructor
in consultation with the Cooperative Education specialist on any particular
PCC campus.

Intended Outcomes for the course


Course Activities and Design

This course of student is designed by the student in consultation with his/her
chosen Field Supervisor, the Cooperative Education Specialist on a particular
PCC campus, and the designated Instructor Specialist in Sociology. Activities
must be agreed upon by all who are associated with the designed course of study,
with specific activities clearly associated with objectives the student is seeking
to achieve. All relevant forms must be properly filled out and signed, as specified
on each PCC campus.

Outcome Assessment Strategies

This course of study is normally graded on a Pass/No Pass basis with the
Instructor Specialist in Sociology providing an A-F grade only if such is
undertaken by arrangement: A-F grades may have additional requirements
(paper assignments, journals, assigned readings, etc.) by agreement between
the student and instructor. A Pass/No Pass grade is normally based upon the
completed evaluation made by the Field Supervisor and an on-site visit undertaken
by either the Cooperative Education Specialist or the instructor (as agreed upon
between the specialist and the instructor). The Sociology instructor will assign
all final grades.

Course Content (Themes, Concepts, Issues and Skills)

The final learning outcomes associated with any particular course of co-
operative education study are explicitly listed as "goals" on the cooperative
education forms used on each PCC campus. These goals or objectives must
be agreed upon (via signatures) by the student, the Field Supervisor, the
Cooperative Education Specialist, and the Instructor Specialist in Sociology.