Portland Community College | Portland, Oregon

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SC 20A
Course Title:
Industry Orientation
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Course Description

Students learn a broad range of skills for manufacturing, construction, laborer, and crafts industry. Workplace habits, team work, basic skills, and industry specific procedures are presented in this applied/lab environment. Audit available.

Intended Outcomes for the course

Upon successful completion students should be able to:

Awareness and knowledge of the desired industry€™s culture, climate, and expectations

Using a support platform for personal and career development

Complete a CIS Apprenticeship and Occupation Exploration Assignment

Complete the Dress for Success Exercise

Complete the Network Building Strategies Assignment

Complete Personal Budget

Compile a portfolio and make a presentation to the class

Course Activities and Design

·         Master on-time behavior

·         Comprehend the apprenticeship structure and responsibilities

·         Appreciate learning

·         Knowing the learning process

·         Create effective study habits

·         Learn to create a portfolio of evidence

·         Learn time management skills

·         Learn the right attitude and respect for others

·         Learn active listening techniques

·         Overcome three types of barriers

·         Make ethical decisions

·         Learn to handle workplace, racial, sexual, harassment, including the handling of harassment

·         Learn how truth and honesty pays.

·         Understand your role as a responsible employee and person

·         Participate in network building strategy exercises

·         Develop a list of networks

·         Participate in dress for success exercises

·         Create

·         Visual Mapping exercise

·         Small group discussion

·         Work-place simulations

·         PowerPoint presentations

Outcome Assessment Strategies

1.      Attend class on regular bases to complete class-hour and competency requirements.

2.      Complete assignment for Network Building Strategies.

3.      Document participation in the Mock Interview (Panelist and Interviewee) exercise.

4.      Assemble your portfolio for review.                                          

Course Content (Themes, Concepts, Issues and Skills)


·         Punctuality

·         Time management

Understanding Apprenticeships and Business

Master Student

Workplace Ethics

·         Responsibility

·         Barriers

·         Respect in the Workplace

·         Truth/Honesty

·         Taking Responsibility

·         Handling Difficult Situations

Application Process

Network Platforms

Dressing for Success

·         Appropriate Clothing

·         Clean and Neat Appearance

Personal Finance

·         Budgeting

·         Cost Savings Strategies