Portland Community College | Portland, Oregon

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SC 17
Course Title:
Applied Communication
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Course Description

Integrates academic content with workplace content. Serves as a vehicle to develop higher level thinking skills in the area of reading, language arts, and writing. Reviews the fundamentals of grammar and vocabulary in written and oral assignments. Upon completion, students enter career/ technical programs/college certificate programs, college academic/transfer programs, apprenticeship programs, and the workplace.

Intended Outcomes for the course

Upon successful completion students should be able to:

1. Use effective written and oral communication skills for college, personal, and career successes.
2. Prepare and transition for the next level in college and/or career.
3. Use gained confidence toward self-efficacy and to be a team player in school, work, and the community.

Course Activities and Design

1. Write and communicate in a manner that is appropriate for a professional and academic setting.

2. Apply the writing process in a professional and academic setting-Planning, Prewriting, Revising, and Editing.

3. Apply communication process to solve workplace scenario.

4. Demonstrate awareness of different communications styles to improve interpersonal skills and handle obstacles to communication.

5. Create effective professional documents including letters, memos, instructions, reports, and essays.

6. Work in a group on assigned topic and present oral informative and persuasive presentation using presentation software.

7. Work in a team to solve workplace conflict.

8. Keep portfolio of graded work. Keep journal.

9. Use standard English in speaking and writing and apply it in all assignments.

10. Keep records of attendance.

Outcome Assessment Strategies

Formal written assignments, in class assignments, quizzes, tests, written journal, group and oral presentations, portfolio of graded work, and rubrics. Taking Compass test. Accessing college resources, entering an apprenticeship, academic or career technical program or employment.

Course Content (Themes, Concepts, Issues and Skills)

Record of attendance

Verbal and non verbal communication

Time management

Completing assigned tasks on time

Writing as a process

Workplace writing and communications

Oral communication process

Communicating in groups; participate don€™t dominate.

Self Efficacy for self-esteem and confidence

Professional documents

Successfully resolving workplace conflicts

Write and communicate competently as employees and contributing members of society.

Reducing communication anxiety