Portland Community College | Portland, Oregon

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RE 112
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Real Estate Law
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Course Description

Introduces the laws affecting real estate ownership and the transfer of real estate ownership. Satisfies Oregon Real Estate Broker pre-licensing requirements. Audit available.

Addendum to Course Description

This course serves two primary audiences. The largest audience are students seeking to satisfy State of Oregon Real Estate Agency broker's, salesperson's, or property manager's requirements for licensing and the smaller, but also important are student's wishing to generally expand their knowledge about real estate law. To satisfy the licensing education requirements students must pass (75% score or better) a comprehensive multiple choice final examination

Intended Outcomes for the course

  • Understand the theoretical basis and practical applications of the concepts of "property" including "real property" and "personal property."
  • Have the ability to review a legal description and look at a map and identify a specific parcel of property.
  • Be able to apply such fundamental real estate laws, as estates, appurtenances, encumbrances, deeds, title insurance, taxation, and land use to practical factual patterns .
  • Apply the basic Oregon landlord and tenant laws to typical house or apartment rental situations.
  • Be aware of basic contract law and have the ability to determine when a contract exists and if so assess the rights and duties of each party to the contract

Outcome Assessment Strategies

Students will be assessed by any combination of the following:

  1. Active participation in class
  2. Contextual written tasks (in or outside of class) to assess reading
  3. Oral responses to in class hypotheticals
  4. Request for real life applications of course material
  5. In class, interactive student role-plays
  6. Quizzes and practice exams following State of Oregon Real Estate Agency question format
  7. Final comprehensive examination patterned after Oregon Real Estate Agency license exam

Course Content (Themes, Concepts, Issues and Skills)

Include all or most of the following:

  1. Real and personal property concepts, including fixtures, trade fixtures, and emblements
  2. Legal descriptions
  3. Appurtenances
  4. Encumbrances
  5. Estates (freehold, leasehold, concurrent)
  6. Contract law
  7. Oregon landlord/tenant law
  8. Oregon ad valorem taxation
  9. Oregon land use
  10. Title insurance
  11. Recording
  12. Deeds