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PS 111
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Skills and Issues
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Course Description

Designed to deepen understanding of PS 201 or PS 202. Includes interactive tutorials, student skills building exercises, and community-based projects. Co-requisite: PS 201 or PS 202. Audit available.

Addendum to Course Description

Credit from this course does not qualify of general education purposes at Portland Community College

but may be applied toward satisfying Associate Degrees at Portland Community College as an elective.

Courses with three digit numbers may be transferable to four year colleges and universities. Students

should consult with a PCC Academic Advisor and/or other institutions regarding transferability and the

application of credit to other institutions.

Intended Outcomes for the course

 * improve understanding of "U.S/ Government" course concepts and content, while concurrently

    enrolled in a regular 4-credit PS 201 "U.S. Government: Foundations and Principles" or PS 202 "U.S. Government: Institutions and Policies" courses at PCC.

 * increase performance levels on course exams and assignments associated with PS 201 or PS 202 courses

    taught by various instructors at PCC.

 * develop critical thinking skills which a) recognize the relationship of political experience to political

    empowerment, b) appreciate the contribution of diverse groups and ideas to politics in the U.S.,

    and c) include making personal value judgments to evaluate political relationships and their

    impacts on society.

Outcome Assessment Strategies

some combination of the following:

 * exams consisting of essay or other methods that integrates and requires application of concepts,

    themes, and issues in the PS 201 course.

 * written assignments such as papers, reviews, or journals that demonstrate understanding of PS

    201 course content as it relates to students' experiences and value judgments.

 * oral presentations, discussions, debates, or role-playing that articulate views and values relating to

     concepts and issues appropriate to PS 201.

 * projects where students can identify resources that provide political information and make use of

    this information to evaluate political processes and identify participatory strategies.

Course Content (Themes, Concepts, Issues and Skills)

Themes, Concepts, and Issues: the same as are outlined in the PS 201 CCOG.

Competencies and Skills: the same as are outlined in the PS 201 CCOG.

Approved Texts:  No text beyond that used in PS 201 need be required for this course.

Faculty Qualifications:

Minimum of an M.A. in Political Science, with both experience teaching the PS 201 course at PCC and

familiarity with other faculty teaching PS 201 at PCC (as evidenced by attendance at scheduled PS SAC

Meetings). Consultation with full-time continuous contract Political science SAC faculty regarding part-

time faculty hiring decisions is expected as a matter of basic professional courtesy.