Course Content and Outcome Guide for PL 221

Course Number:
PL 221
Course Title:
Bankruptcy Law
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Course Description

Covers Bankruptcy Code, Rules of Procedure, types of bankruptcy relief, exempt and non-exempt property, dischargeability of debts, and bankruptcy forms. Audit available.

Addendum to Course Description

Comprehensive introduction to the law and procedures of Bankruptcy. Provides to the legal assistant all the basic information necessary forhandling a consumer bankruptcy hearing.  An elective satisfying the requirements of either a Legal Assistant Certificate or an Associate of
Applied Science degree.

Course Activities and Design

Lecture and reading of bankruptcy rules and codes are used to teach the theory and practice of bankruptcy.  Students analyze a typical bankruptcy fact situation and prepare bankruptcy schedules from the facts of this problem.

Outcome Assessment Strategies

Students' grades will be based on their mastery of the competencies listed below as demonstrated by their performance on midterm and final exams, a Problem Assignment - Preparation of a Bankruptcy, and their attendance/participation in class.

Course Content (Themes, Concepts, Issues and Skills)

*    Prepare filings:  petition, schedules, objections, etc.
*    Recognize what's exempt, what's dischargeable and what's not, preferences and fraudulent conveyances.   
*    Critical thinking regarding which chapter (7, 11, 12, or 13) may be most advantageous to a particular client.
*    Computation of assets, liabilities, exemptions, distributiveshares of secured v. unsecured creditors, timeliness for various filings.
*    Comprehension of procedural requirements of Bankruptcy and Local Rules. 
*    Communication regarding all of the above technical intricacies in terms lay clients can understand.