Course Content and Outcome Guide for PL 214

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PL 214
Course Title:
Fiduciary Tax and Accounting
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Course Description

Covers basic federal and Oregon income taxation of estates and trusts and skills necessary to prepare required documents. The basic form of fiduciary accounting for filing of accounts with the court is also covered. Prerequisites: PL 113. Audit available.

Addendum to Course Description

An elective satisfying the requirements of either a Legal Assistant Certificate or an Associate of Applied Science Degree.

Intended Outcomes for the course


Outcome Assessment Strategies

Grades will be based on levels of mastery of Expected Student Competencies as demonstrated by:  classroom contributions to discussions, problem solving and role playing (20%); short written paper and oral presentation on topic selected by instructor (20%); midterm (25%); and final (35%).

Course Content (Themes, Concepts, Issues and Skills)

Analyze, interpret and apply relevant statutes and rules. Review will or other document and identify kind of trust(s) created thereby, and calculate each beneficiary's share. Determine if and when a tax return is due for an estate and/or trust,and calculate the amount of tax due.
Use two different summary accounting systems to retain critical information.
*    Compute and plan, in conjunction with attorneys and clients, estates and trusts so as to minimize tax burdens and meet other goals.
*    Prepare forms and other necessary written communications.