Course Content and Outcome Guide for PE 184A

Course Number:
PE 184A
Course Title:
Beginning Skiing - Nordic
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Course Description

Designed to teach beginning nordic skiers proper skiing technique for groomed tracks and ungroomed snow conditions. Emphasizes speed control, efficient body movement and safety. Basics of winter survival, proper clothing, and trail etiquette are also emphasized. Audit available.

Intended Outcomes for the course

The course is designed to teach proper balance, rhythm and pressure controlled motions to achieve controlled glides and turns
while skiing in a track and on ungroomed snow conditions. Standing, walking, changing direction, gliding, skating, diagonal
stride, stopping, turning will be practiced.  A goal will be to teach the student the techniques necessary for them to feel
confident task on their own, safely and in control.  Safety will be emphasized in all aspects of nordic skiing and
every effort will be made to instill  a sense of fun and excitement about the winter environment and nordic skiing.

Course Activities and Design

An orientation session will be held at the college to collect fees, discuss equipment selection, proper clothing and personal
gear and to answer questions.   At the lesson site students will be placed in classes with students of similar ability.  Classes
will be conducted each of the five weeks on snow at the designated lesson site.  Practice time will be available to supplement class
time with the instructor, and independent practice is of the utmost importance.

Outcome Assessment Strategies

Students' grades will be assigned on a pass/no pass basis only and
will be based on:

     1.   Attendance - attendance at five classes is required for
          a pass.
     2.   Active participation and effort in class.

Course Content (Themes, Concepts, Issues and Skills)

Instructional Goals:
Introduce students to the balancing, pressure control movements
and the rhythm/flow maneuvers outlined in the PSIA American
teaching System for Nordic Skiing, applied appropriately to the
following maneuvers:

     1.1  Student introduction to movement and equipment
     1.2  Standing, walking and changing direction
     1.3  Gliding and skating
     1.4  Diagonal Stride
     1.5  Double pole
     1.6  Climbing
     1.7  Straight run, balancing off a groomed track
     1.8  Gliding wedge, 1/2 wedge and braking wedge
     1.9  Step turn


Instructional goal:
Familiarize students with the safety aspects of the sport.

     2.1  Orient the students to equipment selection and use
     2.2  Outline trail etiquette procedures
     2.3  Instruct winter survival basics including the use
          of the 10 essentials and basic snow shelter construction
     2.4  Introduce students to varied terrain and snow
          conditions as their confidence and ability allow
     2.5  Integrate variations in ski technique to meet the
          challenges of changing snow and terrain