Portland Community College | Portland, Oregon

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PE 183O
Course Title:
Beginning Table Tennis
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Course Description

Introduces the fundamentals of table tennis in singles and doubles play, including serving, smashing, forehand and backhand, rules, scoring and strategy. Emphasizes learning of the game though recreational play. Audit available.

Intended Outcomes for the course

Upon completion of the course students should be able to:

  1. Participate in table tennis as a lifelong sport and as a method of developing physical fitness and wellness.
  2. Apply the fundamental rules, strategies, and tactics of table tennis during game play.
  3. Increase levels of agility and coordination through participation in table tennis.

Course Activities and Design

Uses lecture, demonstration, individual instruction, and round-robin competition. Class will progress from a review of rules and skills to round-robin competition final class tournament.

Outcome Assessment Strategies

Specific grading policies will be discussed at the first class meeting and presented in a handout. Students will be evaluated on the following
Attendance- double emphasis on class tournament
Active participation
Completion of all assigned matches
Improvement - measured weekly and at the class tournament

Course Content (Themes, Concepts, Issues and Skills)

1.0 Selection and use of equipment
Instructional Goal: To enable the student to be aware of the various styles of paddles and rubber best suited to the various styles of play, and to acquaint students with various grips.
1.1 To identify the right paddle and rubber for each student.
1.2 To select the right grip for the student.
    a. hand shake
    b. pen hold
    c. Seemiller grip
2.0 Rules of play
Instructional Goal: To develop an understanding and application of rules of play.
2.1 To identify the elements of a proper serve.
    a. Ball presented in an open palm
    b. Ball presented above table
    c. Ball presented behind end-line
    d. Ball toss of 6 inches
2.2 To identify and remember each rule.
    a. Scoring
    b. Net serve
    d. Edge ball
    e. A let
    f. Block rule
    g. Free hand on table
Instructional Goal: To develop proper ability to use all basic strokes.
3.1 To identify and practice each of the basic strokes.
    a. Drive
    b. Smash
    c. Loop
    d. Push
    e. Chop
    f. Block
3.2 To identify the four elements of any stroke.
    a. Ready position
    b. Step into the stroke
    c. Follow through
    d. Recover
3.3 To identify and practice the effect of various spins, whether given or received.
    a. Topspin
    b. Underspin
    c. Side spin
    d. No spin
4.0 Footwork footwork
Instructional Goal:
To develop effective footwork.
4.1 To identify and practice footwork techniques for various strokes.
    a. Basic table position
    b. Receiving serve
    c. Side to side
    d. Front to back
    e. Back to front
    f. Basic footwork for each of the six basic strokes
5.0 Etiquette
Instructional Goal: To learn the rules of table tennis etiquette.
5.1 To identify the proper social framework in which to play.
    a. When to call a let
    b. Allowing room for other matches
    c. Continuance of play
Instructional Goal: To develop the recreational value involved in table tennis.
6.1 To identify things that make table tennis fun as a recreational sport.
    a. Lifetime sport
    b. Anyone can play
    c. Year-round sport
    d. Lack of serious injuries
    e. Cardiovascular