Course Content and Outcome Guide for MUP 278 Effective Summer 2015

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MUP 278
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Applied Bass
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Course Description

Intended Outcomes for the course

The material for the course will be presented in a lab/hands-on format.

Students will be required to perform in a final student recital and must pass a performance jury at the end of every term before moving on to the next term of study.
Students are expected to participate in chamber ensembles and are required to perform a minimum of two times per term in the weekly music area recitals.
Students will demonstrate good tone production, solid technique, rhythmic precision, proper performance practice, good musicianship, perform scales and arpeggios in two octaves at required tempi.
Students will learn and perform from memory representative works from contrasting styles and eras.

Outcome Assessment Strategies

Methods used to evaluate student progress and the criteria for assigning a course grade should be made clear by the instructor at the beginning of the course. The individual instructor will determine the method of assessment. Assessment methods may include:

Qualitative and/or quantitative examinations
Weekly performance assignments
Public performances and music jury evaluation


Course Content (Themes, Concepts, Issues and Skills)

First Year Required Materials (MUP 178): String Bass  
The first year of study focuses on the development of fundamental technique and basic repertoire. Instructors should assign esercises, etudes and repertoire according to individual student need and ability. A minimum of at least one etude and two works from contrasting stylistic periods should be assigned each term.  
  • Fundamentals: Tone production, basic bowings, shifting, thumb position
  • Skills: All Major and minor scales (two octaves)
  • Sight-Reading: Selected excerpts appropriate to student level
  • Etudes and Methods: Simandl, New Method I
o        Bille, New Method I
o        Hrabe, Etudes or similar work 
  • Suggested Repertoire: Selected works by: Marcello, Telemann, Eccles, Cupruzzi or other appropriate pieces.
Students must pass music jury and meet all requirements before advancing to next term of study. 
Second Year Required Materials (MUP 278) String Bass:
The second year of study focuses on the further development of technique and repertoire. Students should demonstrate knowledge of scales, fingerings and more advanced techniques. Assigned repertoire should include representative works from contrasting styles and eras. 
  • Technique: Tone production, more shifting, thumb positions and advanced bowings
  • Skills: All Major and minor scales and arpeggios (three octaves)
  • Sight-Reading: Selected excerpts of appropriate level.
  • Etudes and Methods: Simandl, New Method II
o        Bille, New Method I and IIor equivalent
  • Suggested Repertoire: Concerto (Koussevitsky, Dittersdorf, Dragonetti, Cupruzzi) Bach - Cello Suite Dances, Sonata (Marcello, Vivaldi or equivalent), Orchestral symphonic studies (Mozart, Beethoven, Brahms or equivalent)
The following skills are to be achieved to successfully meet the minimum requirement (€œC€ or €œPass€) for the course: 
                First Year (MUP 178):               
  • Demonstrate fundamental technique:
Good tone production
Basic bowings
Basic shifting
Beginning thumb position        
Major and minor scales and arpeggios (two octaves)                       
  • Public performance of assigned repertoire demonstrating solid technique, musicianship and proper performance practice. (minimum of two area recitals in addition to final performance.)
  • Sight read excerpts of appropriate difficulty.
  • Participation in final recital and jury.
  • Successful completion of material assigned by private instructor.
Second Year (MUP 278): 
  • Demonstrate continued development of technique, including tone production, advanced shifting, thumb positions and some advanced bowings.
  • Major and minor scales and arpeggios (three octaves at moderate tempo)
  • Demonstrate technical ease and observe proper stylistic practice in performance of assigned repertoire from at least two contrasting styles. (minimum of two music area recitals per term).
  • Sight-reading more advanced works.
  • Participation in final recital and jury.
  • Successful completion of material assigned by private instructor.

The course of study will be determined by the individual instructor. Regular lessons and reasonable progress are expected.


  • The student will be able to assist the instructor in developing a course of study.
  • The student will be able to follow a regular practice schedule.
  • The students will be able to improve their skill level on their chosen instruments.