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MUC 225
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Studio Recording Technology III
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Course Description

Fundamental skills in audio engineering including a mixture of theory and practical application of current recording technology. Includes fundamental acoustics, microphone placement, editing, multi-track recording, mix-down, signal processing, Midi, and time code synchronization. Focuses on commercials, music recording and sound tracks for visual media. Prerequisites: MUC 224. Audit available.

Addendum to Course Description

Studio recording III is designed to bring together all aspects of the prior terms. While mus 223 was primarily technical, MUS 225 is mostly artistic expression using the tools previously learned. Information and insight are disseminated and shared. Regular critiquing by classmates reinforces concepts.

Intended Outcomes for the course

Prepares student for MUS 226 should they decide to continue. Students will have a firm grasp of the art of analog recording with a strong technical understanding. This places them above the second engineer level and below experienced first engineers. Their final project is suitable for broadcast and reflects their level of competency.

Outcome Assessment Strategies

Grade is determined by the quality of the final project as assessed by classmates (40%), the instructor (40%) and lab performance (20%).

Course Content (Themes, Concepts, Issues and Skills)


  1. Understand production processes
  2. Planning the timeline with respect to production needs.
  3. Organization of the logistical elements of people and time
  4. Critical listening - recognizing musical details, phase, noise and distortion
  5. Artistic Listening - form, feel, emotional impart, content and overall impact to the listener
  6. Use effects to create artistic mental landscapes
  7. Perform duties and functions efficiently
  8. Handle people effectively in the producer role
  9. Maintain the equipment