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MM 241
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Multimedia Authoring III - Scripting
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Course Description

Continues to develop the essential and foundational authoring languages, concepts and practices. Includes advanced assembly of digital media elements will be assembled, made interactive through authoring, for web or mobile phone delivery and then tested for function, design, usability, and bugs. Prerequisites: MM 240; or instructor permission. Audit available.

Addendum to Course Description

This course provides students with specific events and syntax available through a Hypertext application specific scripting computer languages such as Macromedia Flash€™s ActionScript or Macromedia Director€™s Lingo.. The course does not specifically train for anyone dialect of Hypertext. Students may work in a team environment to solve scripting problems.

Intended Outcomes for the course

Upon successful completion the student should be able to:
Use current industry standard web application tools for authoring interactive projects for various modes of delivery.
Build advanced interactive multimedia projects that incorporate audio, video, graphics to communicate an idea to a targeted audience using industry standard software.
Collect, create, import, and organize individual media elements for use in an advanced interactive application.
Upload interactive programs for various modes of delivery.
Evaluate multimedia projects; identifying items for improvement, and implement changes.

Course Activities and Design

Course material will be presented in a lecture format. This course is designed to maximize learning through the use of strategies such as outcome based instruction, collaborative learning, contextual application and performance based assessment. Lecture material will consist of discussion, diagrams, multimedia, and other educationally sound practices. Other activities will include hands-on utilization of multimedia software. Demonstration and handout materials will be provided.
Students will be required to solve and produce a variety of scripts for delivery via a Lingo or ActionScript based computer applications.
Each class will include lecture material and a step-by-step demonstration of how to develop a basic application. Each day will highlight different aspects of developing multimedia in the Director/Flash development environments. In-class applications will be developed concurrently by each student, which will be saved and complied in a final application€™s portfolio.

Outcome Assessment Strategies

The student will be evaluated by their achievement of the course outcomes, through the use of written mid-term and final examinations and production of in-class projects under the supervision of the instructor.
The student will receive a grade based upon her/his attendance, performance of outcomes, examination performance, and the ability to improve on unsatisfactory performance.