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MM 238
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Creating Professional DVD-Video
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Course Description

Introduces creation of custom DVD-Video using professional level authoring software. Integrates video with audio, graphics, and other assets. Develops custom navigation, menus, chapters, and interactivity. Encodes uncompressed audio into highly compressed Dolby digital AC-3 streams, and incorporates it into the DVD authoring software. Prerequisites: MM 140 and MM 235, or instructor permission. Audit available.

Intended Outcomes for the course

Upon successful completion students will be able to:

Manage DVDVideo production and workstation to include workflow, scheduling, and budgeting and installation, operation, and maintenance of a DVDVideo authoring workstation.
Design, specify, storyboard and bid on the completion of an interactive DVDVideo title.
Create, prepare, and encode video, audio, and graphic content as DVDVideo assets.
Author DVDVideo projects incorporating title, still & motion menus, multiple tracks, chapters, stories, alternate audio streams, subtitles, slideshows, and web links.
Test, debug, and evaluate a DVDVideo project identifying items for improvement and implement changes.
Archive production assets and project files.

Course Activities and Design

This course will be presented with varied forms of lecture, demonstration, practical exercise and review, in order to provide the information necessary for you to complete a final project. Each class will begin with a lecture covering specific concepts, ideas, and methods to illustrate daily learning objectives. After each lecture the class will follow along with practical exercises that help demonstrate the concepts, ideas, and methods presented.

Outcome Assessment Strategies

The completion of a final project will determine the majority of the grade. However, a combination of attendance, in-class participation, and weekly assignment completion will be factored into the final grade. Students will also be required to complete €œtime sheets€ documenting out-of-class and lab hours spent on final projects.

Course Content (Themes, Concepts, Issues and Skills)

DVD physical formats

DVD logical formats

DVD-Video Workflow

Planning, storyboarding, and scheduling

Preparing graphics with Photoshop

Still €œLayered€ menu

Slideshow images

Motion €œOverlay€ menu

MPEG structure

MPEG encoding/compression

QuickTime/Final Cut Pro/Compressor

Audio formats, bit depth, sample rate

Audio sample rate conversion

Dolby Digital (AC-3) encoding using A.Pack

5.1 surround recording, mixing, mastering and encoding

Bit Budgeting

Importing assets

Using Tracks


The Menu Editor

Markers, Chapters, Stories

Multiple Angles, Multiple Audio Streams

Web links

Wide screen



Building & formatting

Previewing & testing with DVD Player

Test, debug and repair

Final output to disc

Project archival