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MA 118
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Medical Office Administrative Procedures (Lab)
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Course Description

Provides an opportunity to practice and demonstrate competency in procedures covered in MA 118.

Addendum to Course Description

Required course which fulfills a portion of the curriculum for the Certificate in Medical Assisting. The extent of transferability or credit allowed for the course would be dependent upon the institution and the program to which the student is transferring. Students must also enroll in Medical Office Administrative Procedures (MA 117) concurrently.

Intended Outcomes for the course

Upon completion of the course students should be able to:

  1. Communicate appropriately and in a caring manner in a medical setting.
  2. Apply understanding of legal and ethical issues he/she may encounter in the medical setting to enhance decision making.
  3. Conduct and accurately record a health history.
  4. Apply knowledge of the components of a clinical record and Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) regulations.
  5. Recognize and apply appropriate accommodations for special needs and cultural differences within the healthcare setting.
  6. Perform entry-level competency in the performance of administrative duties of the medical office.

Outcome Assessment Strategies

Students will demonstrate these learning outcomes by these tasks conducted individually and in cooperation with other students:
The goal is to develop skills in the actual performance of medical assistant administrative tasks in accordance with the theoretical knowledge taught in the administrative procedures course.
Answer theoretical and application questions in modules and computer text after viewing demonstrations and reading modules and text.
Structured labs are held weekly. Modules and a computer program that simulates the medical office will be explained and worked on during scheduled lab time.

Course Content (Themes, Concepts, Issues and Skills)

The following list outlines the concepts, themes, and issues you need to understand and be able to use appropriately. You will have the opportunity to demonstrate your understanding in written and oral form, individually and in groups.
1.  Modules and computer program may contain (as appropriate):
         a.  An overview sheet which explains the purpose and concept of the module/computer program
         b.  A study guide which outlines general directions for completing the module/computer program
         c.  Project sheets and/or worksheets which give step-by-step directions
         d.  Information sheets which provide general background
         e.  Evaluation sheets - for your comments on the module as a learning experience

2.  The modules are available from the administrative office procedures lab instructor.

3.  The corresponding medical office administrative procedures course lecture and lab schedule indicated the order in which the modules are to be completed. All lab work must be complete in the sequence listed on the schedule for the course. Modules must be completed handed in and corrected before proceeding to the next module listed.

Laboratory performance is competency based with each module having specific criteria identified.  Students will be required to repeat work until competency is demonstrated.  The course grade will be PASS/NO PASS to demonstrate the competency performance.
Students will schedule and manage mock appointments for both inpatients and outpatients.
Students will obtain, record, and transmit personal patient financial information onto required forms, registers and cards in a physician's office. Students will also create charts for class use. Students will fill out registration forms, health history forms, medical release forms, immunization record forms, medication flow chart forms and place them properly in a chart.
Students will assign numbers to records using each of the numbering systems and to maintain these systems in order.
Students will initiate and maintain mock patient records and understand the importance of confidentiality and HIPAA. Students will obtain patient histories and record them appropriately in the medical record. They will also be maintaining the chart they created.
Teach the student the procedures necessary in the preparation of an accurate, concise, and legible statement of account. Students will also learn and properly fill out the CMS-1500.
Introduce the concept of bookkeeping functions using the pegboard system.
Teach the student how to properly complete insurance forms to facilitate prompt and correct payment of fees. The CMS-1500 will be covered and properly filled out.
Teach the student to perform the account aging process in a physician's office.
Teach the student to perform various payroll functions.
Assist the student in becoming proficient in use of the computer regarding he medical office application of collections, billing, insurance, and word processing. Perform routine maintenance of administrative and clinical equipment. Understand the basic concept of the electronic medical record.
13.0  MAIL
The goal is to develop knowledge and skill in handling written communications, both incoming and outgoing mail. Respond to and initiate  written communication. Recognize and respond to verbal and nonverbal communication. Students will type of lab letters and mail them properly. Students will also properly fill out a preset lab letter and properly mail it.