Course Content and Outcome Guide for JPN 272

Course Number:
JPN 272
Course Title:
Reading in Japanese Literature
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Course Description

Emphasizes Japanese reading skills. Reading and discussion of accessible works of Japanese prose and poetry. Prerequisite: Second year Japanese at the college level or equivalent or instructor permission. Audit available.

Addendum to Course Description

The course is offered  for three transfer credit hours per term and
counts in the  distribution requirements for the AA degree, as a
general education requirement for other associate degrees, and meets
the diversity requirement. 

Intended Outcomes for the course

The goal is that students improve in their ability to read, analyze, and
discuss Japanese literature.  Students may listen to and discuss tapes
which will be presented in class.  Speaking and writing skills will be
improved through student practice.  A generally sound foundation in
grammar and vocabulary is assumed, and grammar will not be the focus
of the course.

Course Activities and Design

This course is offered only in Japan for students enrolled in PCCÍs
study abroad program.

Outcome Assessment Strategies

The course grade will be determined by an assessment of improvement in
the student's ability to understand and analyze literary texts and the
amount of oral participation, preparation, and written work done by the
student during the term.  Each letter grade has specific attendance