Course Content and Outcome Guide for JPN 262B

Course Number:
JPN 262B
Course Title:
Japanese Culture
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Course Description

Japanese Culture through Film. Increases understanding of Japanese traditional and modern culture and society through analysis of cultural, historical and social issues presented in five Japanese films. May explore concepts such as imperialistic past, neo-nationalism, cultural pride, mode social issues, marriage, emigration, workforce and religions. Course conducted in English. Japanese films will be subtitled in English. Audit available.

Intended Outcomes for the course

Communicate effectively an understanding of Japanese culture, both contemporary and traditional by respectfully recognizing similarities and differences as compared to own and other cultures in regard to cultural aspects such as marriage, modern social issues, emigration, cultural pride, workforce and religion.

Course Activities and Design

  • Active participation in small group discussions
  • Active participation in inter-active class discussions
  • Conceptual written tasks to assess understanding of cultural and social themes in readings and films
  • Individual and group presentations

Outcome Assessment Strategies

The following themes will be explored in the course:
Cult, environment and modern Japanese social issues
Marriage and divorce
Emigration from Japan
Cultural perspectives on imperialistic past and neo-nationalism
Japanese national pride and self identity from cultural perspective
National Living Treasure
Japanese religions and fables
Workforce in Japan

Competencies and Skills:

Recognizes cultural and humanistic issues through comparisons, contrast, reading and discussions
Demonstrates understanding of relevant cultural and social issues in contemporary Japanese society
Increased critical thinking skills
Small group collaboration
Speaking and listening reflectively
Critical analysis of cultural issues in films
Gains opportunities to develop empathy, compassion and respect.