Course Content and Outcome Guide for JPN 211A Effective Fall 2015

Course Number:
JPN 211A
Course Title:
Intermediate Japanese Conversation
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Course Description

Offers a review of and additional practice with structures and vocabulary presented in JPN 201. Recommended: Completion of first year Japanese at the college level, or three years of high school Japanese, or instructor permission. Audit available.

Addendum to Course Description

JPN 211A is offered simultaneously with JPN201.  This is a
conversation-tutorial class for extended practice in order to foster better
understanding of the materials presented in JPN 201 including the contents
such as expressions, vocabulary, reading, structures and underlying
deep culture.
This course counts as an elective for the associate degree. This course is
offered for one credit each term.
Simultaneous enrollment in JPN 201 is mandatory.  Students whose skill
level in Japanese is more advanced than that of JPN 211A or 201 will not be
admitted to this class.

Intended Outcomes for the course


Course Activities and Design

Students are expected to attend all classes, participate actively in classroom activities, and prepare oral and short written homework assignments.  Students may work with audio tapes in the media center or at home, and they may meet with the teacher in conferences.  Japanese will be used in the classroom at almost all times.  Students should plan to spend about one hour in preparation and practice outside of class for each class session.

Outcome Assessment Strategies

The course grade will be determined by regular attendance (which is mandatory), daily active participation, and weekly assignments.  It also depends on individual progress in listening and speaking skills such as ability to comprehend and to express him/herself with clarity and a
minimum number of errors in Japanese to receive a passing grade.  The work of this class is sequential, and the introduction and practice of this material take place in class; therefore, attendance is essential.