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HOR 255
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Spring Annuals and Perennials
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Course Description

Identification of Spring herbaceous annuals and perennials most commonly used in landscapes. Care, culture, pests, diseases, propagation and landscape use. Audit available.

Intended Outcomes for the course

Plant material identification skills are basic to all parts of the horticulture/landscape industry. The focus is on spring herbaceous annuals and perennials. In this course students are required to identify plant materials by both botanical (scientific) and common names. All of the plants studied are used in landscapes in the Pacific Northwest.
This course can fulfill the requirement for the two-year certificates in Management and Design; and for the two-year Associate Degree in Landscape Technology. It can also be used for a landscape elective. The credits are transferable to the University of Oregon on a petition basis and transfer to Oregon State University.

Course Activities and Design

Lecture time will provide the basic botanical information needed to make accurate field identification decisions and will cover the general requirements for growing healthy, useful plants. Lab time is spent in the field directly observing plant characteristics for identification. The required plant notebook requires additional time for obtaining more plant information, graphically documenting plant characteristics and assembly of the information in a useable format. Students use electronic information as well as printed materials.

Outcome Assessment Strategies

Assessment will be based on the student's ability to pass the objectives identified for the quarter. Assessment will take place through plant identification field exams and on the assembly of plant information in the plant notebook. This is a graded course.