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GEO 230
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Geography of Race & Ethnic Conflicts
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Course Description

Examines the issues of race and ethnicity and their interrelationships with contemporary global patterns of political factionalism, economic disparity, religious fervor and ethnic nationalism. Examines how these issues influence the processes of development for various countries throughout the world. Audit available.

Addendum to Course Description

As case studies this course will focus on some of the contemporary ethnically based conflicts in different regions of the world. 

Intended Outcomes for the course

Upon successful completion of Geography 230 the student will be able to:

  • Analyze contemporary race and ethnic conflicts (through the lens of the history of different cultural groups, resource scarcity and development) in order to serve the growing ethnic populations of the Northwest in a professional context.
  • Compare one€™s own value systems with those of other cultures.

Course Activities and Design

Class will include lectures, weekly article reviews and discussions, related documentary films, student project presentations, and possible guest speakers.

Outcome Assessment Strategies

  1. Weekly article reports
  2. Multiple choice exams
  3. In-class project presentations
  4. Written final projects/papers

Course Content (Themes, Concepts, Issues and Skills)

  1. Global distribution of major race and ethnic groups
  2. Ethnic geography as sub-discipline of Human/cultural geography
  3. Environmental/resource and economic roots of race/ethnic conflicts
  4. Demographic politics of race/ethnic relations and conflicts
  5. Religion, language, and race/ethnic relations and conflicts
  6. Ethnic nationalism, political instability, and development
  7. Race/ethnic relations within the context of history