Course Content and Outcome Guide for GEO 210

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GEO 210
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The Natural Environment
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Course Description

Focuses on natural processes that create physical diversity on the earth. Includes weather and climate, vegetation, soils, landforms, ecosystems, their distribution and significance. Audit available.

Addendum to Course Description

The course will be valuable for students seeking to understand the varied  and complex physical environments of the Earth.

Geography 210 presentations will include lecture and lecture discussion. 
Lectures will include presentations and analysis with colored slides,  films, videos, overhead transparencies, and topographic maps.

Intended Outcomes for the course

There are no prerequisites required for this class.  Students should be able to read and understand assigned materials.  Writing skills should  demonstrate an ability to communicate clearly.

Outcome Assessment Strategies

Two exams will be given during the term.Exams will be either objective
or essay type.

Course Content (Themes, Concepts, Issues and Skills)

The instructor will be required to cover the goals and objectives listed
in this Course Content Guide.  The Course Content Guides are developed
by college-wide subject area faculty and are approved by management.

Students will acquire knowledge of world climates through an understanding
of the interrelationships between atmospheric temperature, pressure, wind,
precipitation, air masses, fronts and atmospheric disturbances.  Humans as
modifiers of atmospheric processes with resulting environmental
consequences will also be understood.


Instructional Goal:

The student will acquire knowledge and understanding of the following set
of weather and climatology processes and concepts:

  1.1  Introduction to Weather and Climate

  1.2  The Heat Balance of the Earth

  1.3  Temperatures

  1.4  Pressure and Winds

  1.5  Evaporation and Condensation

  1.6  Air Masses, Fronts and Storms

  1.7  Precipitation

  1.8  World Distribution of Climates

  1.9  Human's role as a modifier of climate processes

  1.10 Climate Change


Instructional Goal:
Students will acquire knowledge of the diverse landform on the surface
of the earth, through a study of the processes of landform evolution.  An
understanding of humans as agents of geomorphic process with resulting
environmental impact is also gained.

Students will acquire knowledge and understanding of the following set
of geomorphic concepts and processes.

   2.1  Introduction to Landform

   2.2  The Internal Processes

   2.3  Weathering and Mass Wasting

   2.4  The Fluvial Process

   2.5  Topographic Development in Arid Lands

   2.6  Costal Processes and Terrain

   2.7  Glacial Modification of Terrain

   2.8 Terrestrial Flora and Fauna

    2.9  Soils