Course Content and Outcome Guide for GD 221

Course Number:
GD 221
Course Title:
Graphic Design 4
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Course Description

Focuses on publication design. Single-page and multiple-page projects will emphasize hierarchy, eyeflow, structure and organization. Projects, lessons and exercises are intended to build on first-year skills in typography and design using professional page layout software. Advanced computer production techniques build on previous coursework. Required: Second-year standing in the Graphic Design program.

Intended Outcomes for the course

Upon successful completion student will be able to:

• Develop and design professional-level publications which focus on targeting information to a specific market
• Apply professional-level design development process of thumbnails, tight roughs and final comprehensive designs
• Use industry software at a professional-level for the purpose of creating digital files for output of publication print pages.

Course Activities and Design

Possible projects (will vary by instructor): Newsletter, annual report, magazine design, editorial spreads, ads, magazine cover, catalogs, books.

Outcome Assessment Strategies

Successfully designed and output printed projects will be the major criteria for evaluation. Additional assessment may include quizzes, in-class exercises, research assignments and attendance.