Course Content and Outcome Guide for GD 124

Course Number:
GD 124
Course Title:
Graphic Design 3
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Course Description

Third in a series of six graphic design courses. Builds on basic concepts of graphic design. Emphasizes research, identifying specific graphic design needs for a business, symbol design, and maintaining continuity while working with multiple colors, sizes and materials. Studies in-depth the relationships of type, layout and color in two- and three-dimensional graphic design projects. Prerequisites: GD 122, GD 140, GD 150. Prerequisite/concurrent: GD 141, GD 151.

Addendum to Course Description

 A "B" grade or higher is required for placement into the second year of the Graphic Design program

Intended Outcomes for the course

Students should be able to:

Create a professional-level brand identity for a client or product
Conduct research to define direction, create parameters and facilitate the design process
Design systematic identity elements for a wide variety of application

Course Activities and Design



Outcome Assessment Strategies

Independent design projects will be the major activity for assessment. Demonstrating mastery of the concepts and techniques taught in class will be the desired outcome of the design projects. Class design projects usually model typical professional graphic design projects, and are intended to build the student€™s portfolio used in seeking professional employment. Additional assessment may include tests, exams and research projects.