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FR 271C
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Readings in French Literature (African & Caribbean)
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Course Description

Emphasizes skills for reading in French. Reading and discussion of accessible works of French prose and poetry written by African and Caribbean writers. Recommended: Completion of second year French at the college level, simultaneous enrollment in FR 203, 251, or 257; or instructor permission. Audit available.

Addendum to Course Description

FR 271C is designed to provide advanced students of French with the opportunity to study French literature and to increase their skills in listening, reading, speaking, and vocabulary usage. FR 271 focuses on African and Caribbean literature written in French. The course is offered for one transfer credit hour per term and counts in the distribution requirements and meets the diversity requirement for the AA degree; it counts as a general education requirement for other associate degrees.

Intended Outcomes for the course

  1. Improved ability to read, analyze, and discuss African and Caribbean literature
  2. Improved speaking, reading and writing skills through student practice (A generally sound foundation in grammar and vocabulary is assumed, and grammar will not be the subject of the course. French will be used at all times.)
  3. Recognizes and approaches cultural differences and different literary interpretations with respect and open-mindedness

Outcome Assessment Strategies

  1. Student attendance and participation will be appraised to determine improvement in student's ability to understand and analyze literary texts
  2. Contextual written assignments (in or outside of class) to assess reading, writing, cultural and aural competencies
  3. Individual and/or group presentations which may contain audio or visual components

Course Content (Themes, Concepts, Issues and Skills)

A study of selected works by African and Caribbean writers during the 20th-century. The course will focus on the literary features of these works and on their value as reflections of their respective societies throughout the period.
Themes may include some of the following:

  1. Colonization
  2. Contrasts between pre- and post-colonial periods
  3. Education and language
  4. Family
  5. Gender, race, class function
  6. Religion
  7. Economic/political development

There will be a strong emphasis on reading skill development. Pre and post-reading activities will be assigned and discussed for each text and author as well as comprehension questions and vocabulary exercises to increase knowledge and confidence in reading and discussing African and Caribbean literature. Readings may include fictional short stories, folklore, poetry, theatrical texts, song lyrics, newspaper and/or magazine articles, film scripts, among others.

  1. Improved reading and conversation skills
  2. Improved critical analysis of literary texts
  3. Improved knowledge of cultural differences
  4. Increased critical thinking skills
  5. Small group collaboration
  6. Speaking and listening reflectively