Course Content and Outcome Guide for FP 9080

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FP 9080
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Fire Fighting Safety & Survival for Company Officers
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Course Description

Covers safety on the fireground, equipment, the officer's role in modifying behavior and identifying hazardous situations. Identifies state safety rules. Audit available.

Intended Outcomes for the course

1.0 Safety on the Fire Ground

The goal is for the student to understand how different factors impact safety on the fire ground.

1.1 Describe the factors affecting personnel safety

1.1.1 Lack of policies.

1.1.2 Lack of enforcement of policies

1.1.3 Inadequate training.

1.1.4 Inadequate maintenance of clothing and equipment.

2.0 Company Officer's Role In Modifying Behavior

The goal is to provide techniques that can be used to motivate employees to act safely.

2.1 List the duties of the company officer in safety programs

2.1.1 Goal Setting

2.1.2 Supervision

2.1.3 Motivation

2.1.4 Evaluation

3.0 Components of Health and Physical Fitness

The goal is to show the rlation of injury and safety to Health and Fitness programs.

3.1 Describe the correct approach to fitnesstraining.

3.1.1 Organized program

3.1.2 Supervised participation

31.3 Evaluation

4.0 Common Hazardous Situations

The goal is to make the student aware of safety problems found in fire service activities.

4.1 Identify hazardous situations and how to diminish the danger in each of the following:

4.1.1 Training activities

4.1.2 Around the fire station

4.1.3 Preparing for response

4.1.5 Operating at an incident

4.1.6 Returning from an accident

4.2 Describe how to include safety in a post-incident critique.

4.2.1 Officers evaluation

4.2.2 Crew comments

4.2.3 Recommendations.

5.0 Survival Tips For Firefighting Situations

The goal is to review common safety concerns in emergency operations and suggest ways to avoid injury.


5.1 Identify five "survival tips" for each of the following:

5.1.1 Interior attack

5.1.2 Search and rescue

5.1.3 Ventilation

5.1.4 Exterior attack

6.0 Worker's Compensation-Division 151 Rules

To familiarize the student with occupational safety requirements that apply to firefighters.

6.1 Using the Division 151 Rules:

6.1.1 Identify the elements of an organizational statement.

6.1.2 Describe employer's and employee's responsibilities.

6.1.3 Describe training and education requirements.

6.1.4 Describe general requirements for protective clothing.

6.1.5 Describe general requirements for respiratory protection devices.

Course Activities and Design

This course will be presented as a lecture/conference in the classroom. It is designed for the working firefighter.

Outcome Assessment Strategies

The instructor will discuss evaluation procedures based upon the course syllabus issued to the students.

Course Content (Themes, Concepts, Issues and Skills)

The student must have fire service experience or have completed the fire schience degree program or approval of the instructor.