Course Content and Outcome Guide for FP 9040

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FP 9040
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Managing Fire Personnel
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Course Description

Covers the appointment/promotional process to include desirable traits of personnel. Discusses motivation and counseling as well as the legal responsibilities of management and utilization of employees. Audit available.

Intended Outcomes for the course

1.0 Qualities of Personnel and Recruiting

Instructional Goal: The goal is to describe the physical, mental and emotional traits that are desirable in the fire service. This goal will include the process of recruiting, maintaining and selecting personnel for the various activities of the fire service.


1.1 Identify desired qualifications of fire service personnel (paid and volunteer).

1.2 Describe the recruiting/promotional processes which include the following:

1.2.1 Minimum qualifications for the position

1.2.2 Duties and tasks to be performed

1.2.3 Description of the working environment

1.2.4 Projected pay and benefits

1.2.5 Selection

2.0 Motivation and Counseling

Instructional Goal: The instructional goal is to insure the student understands the factors that motivate an employee and how a system of counseling benefits both the employer and the employee.


2.1 Describe the impact each of the following has on retention of employees:

2.2.1 Job satisfaction

2.2.2 Pay/benefits

2.2.3 Rewards/recognition

2.2.4 Training

2.3 Explain the purpose of performance reviews and describe the procedure involved.

2.4 Identify the types of disciplinary action which can be used and describe the legal processes which need to be followed during their use.

2.5 Identify factors which would motivate an individual to remain with an organization.

3.0 Legal Requirements of Management

Instructional Goal: The goal is to review the various laws that govern the relationship between the department and its employees. Also the responsibility and methods for training.


3.1 Describe elements which are part of labor-management relations, affirmative action, civil rights, contract negotiations/administration, equal employment opportunity, etc.

3.2 Describe management's role in training and identify the components of a quality training program.

3.3 Describe management's role with regard to employee health and safety.

4.0 Management Techniques

Instructional Goal: The goal is to have the student consider organizational and leadership needs during emergency and routine activities.


4.1 Describe how to best utilize personnel resources in the following situations:

4.1.1 Efficient operation of the engine house

4.1.2 Fireground operations 

Course Activities and Design

This course will be presented in the classroom as a lecture conferences. it is designed for the working firefighter.

Outcome Assessment Strategies

The instructor will discuss evaluation procedures based upon the course syllabus issued to the students.