Course Content and Outcome Guide for FP 9010

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FP 9010
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Fire Management Practices
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Course Description

Outlines basic management skills for the mid-level manager. Includes organizational structure, communicating, financial management and controlling resources.

Intended Outcomes for the course

1.0 Organization and Structure

Instructional Goal: The goal is to inform the student of the methods communities organize for fire protection.


1.1 Describe three ways which fire departments can be organized.

1.2 Describe how fire protection services fit into local government.

1.3 Define "line" and "staff" describe the functions and responsibilities of each, and describe the relationships that exist between the two types of personnel.

2.0 Communicating Techniques

Instructional Goal: The goal is to understand the theory of communicating and to learn techniques for exchanging information.


2.1 identify the five elements of a communication process.

2.2 Describe five examples of formal communications.

3.0 Financial Management

Instructional Goal: the goal is to give the student an overview of the budget process.


3.1 Identify the following elements of a jurisdiction's financial management system:

3.1.1 What sources of income are utilized?

3.1.2 Who develops the budget?

3.1.3 Who has the input to the budget?

3.1.4 Who manages the budget?

3.2 Explain the theory of budgeting

3.3 Describe the methods available to control expenditures.

4.0 Resource Management and Responsibilities

Instructional Goal: The goal is to help the student understand the principles of human and other resource management.


4.1 Identify the following activities that are part of personnel administration and who is responsible for each:

4.1.1 Organizing for personnel management.

4.1.2 Equal opportunity and affirmative action.

4.1.3 Recruiting techniques

4.1.4 Selection processes

4.1.5 Performance appraisal

4.1.6 Personnel development

4.2 Describe how to determine equipment and staffing needs for an identified response area.

4.3 Given the description of a fire service company, develop a one day schedule of activities.

Course Activities and Design

This course will be presented as a lecture/conference in the classroom. It is designed for the working firefighter.

Outcome Assessment Strategies

The instructor will discuss evaluation procedures based upon the course syllabus issued to the students.